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  • by Jahnan Derso

How Your Higher Self Can Connect You To Self Care

Healthy Patterns and the Art of Ritual

True selfcare is the art of listening to yourself and discovering what will best nurture you in that moment. It is the development of healthy patterns that can evolve into ritual ways of being throughout your day thus connecting you to something greater than yourself.

We have all collected unhealthy habits or fall into patterns of being that we think help us relax. For example, scrolling through the phone may feel like a release or an in breath, but it’s not the true sensation of connection most of us are seeking. If you are feeling overworked, something like a pedicure isn’t going to solve your overall feeling. It may seem like a good solution in the moment, but often it’s right back to the life you put on hold while you checked out. So, how do we refrain from “checking out” and instead “check in?”

Checking in to Your Higher Self

When we hear the phrase “calling in your guides” your primordial ally is your Higher Self. The Higher Self is a genderless, pure life force that is centered inside you. It is a powerful guide to gather information for your daily life, to get re-grounded or to connect to something bigger than you. This type of support is unique because it’s a free source of self-care. You just have to show up;)

Your Higher Self, and all your Guides for that matter, are here to meet you half way and serve your best interests. In order to experience your Higher Self, you have to get to know your inner self in a different way. One of the most sustainable and attainable methods is by using your breath.

Scheduling sacred time with your Higher Self has the power to transform your perspective and offer you new insights. As you establish this consistent practice, you are enriching your connection to the Living Universe and filling your cup up from the source. Let’s tap into the breath to connect with your Higher Self for the answers in a self-careritual.

A Meditation to Find Your Self-Care Rituals

Set aside a time of quiet stillness for yourself. You will need a candle, journal and pen with you. Take a comfortable seat and light the candle. Set the intention that you would like to connect to your Higher Self for guidance on nourishing self-care habits. First connect into your breath. Slowly count from 1 to 10 following the rise and fall of each inhale and exhale. Now visualize white light surrounding you. Allow this light to be a shield of protection that comforts you and allows you to feel safe. Connect to your breath again and slowly count to ten following the rise and fall of your inhales and exhales. See the white light around you as a sphere of connection to the Living Universe. As you do this, imagine dropping your cord down from your tailbone into the earth. With each breath drop in deeper and deeper. You can count to ten again if this helps you stay connected. Once you feel centered here, call upon your Higher Self. Imagine a purple light from your third eye projecting out in front of you where your low gaze is comfortable, but your eyes are mostly closed. Now breathe with your Higher Self again, counting to ten to stay connected to your breath. Invite your Higher Self to share with you how to best stay connected to it. In this place of deep connection, ask your Higher Self to help you list what fills your cup and how to stay connected to the Living Universe, all that is, source, (fill in your word).

Now using your journal, write down anything that comes through to you during this time. When you feel complete, thank your Higher Self. If you called in any other Guides, thank them, too. Using your breath, count with each inhale from ten back to one, slowly coming back into your body. Gently open your eyes, gradually move your legs and arms to do some fluid stretching. You can blow out your candle when you are ready.

Establishing a Self-Care Practice from Your List

Now for your list, the key is to find ways to incorporate what you’ve discovered. As a Self Care Coach, I am happy to help walk you through this step if you need more support. For the sake of this exercise, the first thing I recommend is making a date with your Higher Self. Set a regular time that you plan to sit quietly and connect, to give yourself this heartfelt connection.

An Example of “Higher Self” Self-Care ~Bookends~

When you wake up and before bed, light a candle and utilize this quiet time to meditate. Even doing this practice for 1 minute holds a powerful intention to start and end your day peacefully. This consistent ritual is a necessary component of your personalized self-care practice. The idea of having a spiritual connection time at the beginning and end of your day is called Bookends. Doing this allows you to re-center yourself in what you feel divinely connected to at these two still points. Enjoy this magical time!

Jahnan Derso is a Self Care Coach inspiring you to love yourself deeply. She offers tips to boost your health and take care of yourself holistically. Her bodywork practice is also designed to take you further—primarily practicing Maya Abdominal Massage on women who are looking to conceive, pregnant, post-partum and healing their wombs. Jahnan is the creator and author of where she combines her life experience and educational knowledge of 20 years to offer you healthy lifestyle solutions. You can also find her Rainforest Remedy tincture line that compliments her bodywork and homemade herbal products like salves and sprays at Wholistic Heartbeat.

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