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Creating Opportunities That Nourish Our Wholeness

Wholistic health starts with and is driven by You! Wellness is a journey of self-discovery. Wholistic Heartbeat offers you a new way to connect. We are a resource center designed to simplify your access to the healing arts.

About Us

We are located in Humboldt County California, where Mother Nature has surely outdone Herself. We are nourished by the strong, wild beauty of Her redwood forests and the dynamic rhythm of the Pacific Ocean. Out of this cauldron of soul-enlivening vitality, has sprung a renowned healing arts community; truly, one of our most abundant local resources. Together we form an integrated, diverse garden of skilled, compassionate practitioners, effective modalities and creative healing opportunities. 

Our Story

Wholistic Heartbeat is the result of more than 19 years of service to our community. This current manifestation is rooted in the opening of our first healing center, The Isis Institute of Integrated Healing Arts, (later to become the Isis Osiris Healing Temple) in July 2001. The Institute began through the dream of three intuitive mothers: Maya Cooper, Carol Dirck and Joan Dixon. Their intention was to offer an open-door style community center dedicated to personal growth and empowerment through education and spiritual awareness. The Goddess Isis was chosen as their Patroness for her connections to healing, mothering, remembering and magic. The Goddess is a feminine archetype for creation; she has gone by many names and has played many roles throughout history and mythology. 


Today, under the creative leadership of Maya Cooper, the original vision has grown into a dynamic array of healing services offered in our local community and beyond. 

Creating Opportunities That nourish Our Wholeness


Held within the wings of Isis Heals are four separate, yet supportive, creative projects.


Wholistic Heartbeat–(formerly Isis Scrolls) a free bi-monthly print magazine

The Annual Healing Arts Guide–your access to our wholistic community

Isis Osiris Healing Temple–a healing arts collective


Wholistic Heartbeat - a community healing arts center online community resource center

A benevolent sponsor of Healing Path - a non-profit, donation-funded DreamMaker Project of the Ink People