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The Wholistic Heartbeat Magazine and the Annual Healing Arts Guide are on hold until further notice.

You can find both the March/April issue and the Guide out and about in the neighborhood in the markets and places that are currently open for business.

Wholistic Heartbeat was first published in October of 2001 under its former name Isis Scrolls. Our intention is to offer a wide variety of quality information that will support us on our healing path by providing tools and resources for personal growth, awareness and self-empowerment. We believe that sharing our stories, wisdom, gifts and skills strengthens the overall health of our community. 


The Annual Healing Arts Guide, first published in 2003 is the most
comprehensive directory of alternative healers on the North Coast. 


Our print magazines are distributed throughout Humboldt County, 

north into Ashland, Oregon, east to Willow Creek and south to Ukiah


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We will continue to add our older back issues, but until the archives are updated please email us if you are searching for a particular article or author that you don't see here.

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