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  • By Maya Cooper

Calling in Our Guides ... Not For the Faint of Heart!

The field of energy that connects us to each other is invisible. Though unseen, it is as rich with life as the ocean, and we are influenced by it much the way we are influenced by the tides of our emotions. There are many ways we can strengthen the parts of ourself that can tap into and communicate with this invisible energy field in order to help make it come alive for us in a more tangible way. In doing this, stepping into the invisible with willingness to experience it more fully, we come to learn just how deeply intelligent and supportive this living Universal Field is. Like breath, we will find that we cannot live a truly nourishing life without building a relationship with it, for in actuality, it is an extension of us.

Are you ready to reposition

yourself in your life?

To seize an opportunity to engage your

imagination and creativity?

To bravely carry the light of your awareness into the shadows of old stories

you have about yourself?

To risk opening to loving support

in a new way?


Good, because change and transformation favor the willing!

We are the beating heart of this vibrant earth and the swirling symphony of star dust

shaped into form by stories.

Stories give shape to energy. The invisible life force that we are swimming in every second of every day is shaped into the form of our lives by stories.

The ones we tell about ourselves.

The ones we tell to ourselves.

The ones told to us by others.

The ones passed down to us.

The ones we tell about others,

and the ones we tell about the world.

Stories shape us into being. Stories form the lens through which we view our life and the world around us. Life shapes itself into being, as instructed by our stories. The quality of our stories determines the quality of our lives. If we change our stories, our lives will change. If our lives change, the world around us will change.

We are an essential part of a living universe.

What does all this talk about stories have to do with calling in our Guides? Well, many times in the healing room when I ask a client if they invite in their guides to help support them, I hear a range of responses from a flat out no, or I don’t know how, or I can’t figure out who my guides are, or I don’t believe in Guides, or even Guides? I have Guides? Who knew?

The very act of calling in our Guides may be a radical idea for some of us as it may challenge some of the very fundamental stories we hold about support and belonging, or the lack thereof. Are we willing to open and communicate with something that is (seemingly) invisible? Do we understand that we can be a co-creative agent in our own transformation?

Right off the bat, even just entertaining the concept of having a bevy of Guides at our service, we might need to address and unravel some of our old stories. And yet, this is the fundamental beauty of this whole Guide business: Building a relationship with largely unknown or unseen forces takes us on a magical journey, a journey that can teach us how to be co-creators in our own lives in playful, imaginative, empowered and supportive ways.

How we live in a story of connection and belonging

Working with our Guidance team gives us a great opportunity to structure some self-reflecting and self-evaluating meditative time into our lives. Honestly exploring ourselves, what is working and not working, where we are content and where we are struggling, takes on a whole new meaning if we know we are doing this as prep work, an important part of a larger process. This includes the next step of taking our findings to a group of wise hearted beings who have access to broad perspectives and solutions and inviting them to intervene and guide us towards better outcomes.

Healing happens to the degree that we can imagine it healed.

Imagining new outcomes, especially while stuck in old stories, is made much easier when we have fresh new streams of energy flowing to us and through us. Fresh nourishing energy is needed to create healthier stories and for change to occur.

This is where the Guides come in.

Once we uncover what isn’t working in our lives we can share this information with our Guides. They then can get to work supporting us in reimagining our lives. They can help us unravel our counterproductive stories and pull back the curtains so the light of new perspectives can appear.

When the door to our Guidance team is opened, vital stories from their unconditional love flow directly to us. These Guides are our own personalized team of ambassadors, here to bridge us to the living Universe. They may communicate through:

  • healthy, wise, strong new images that can lead us to new understandings

  • loving feelings of warmth, encouragement and acceptance

  • new stories filled with their perspectives about who we really are at our core

  • solutions that seem beyond our grasp but which are completely obvious to them because of their ability to view the larger picture.

Their guidance arises from an intimate awareness of our soul’s journey. Who would we be if we were to live in the stories whispered to us by our Guides?

And just who are these Guides?

Once we begin to develop the art of relating to the spirit that dwells within all life, we find that virtually everything we come in contact with has wisdom and guidance to offer us. But for now, we shall focus on our personal Guidance team.

My understanding is that our Guidance team can be composed of:

  • Master teachers, guides, healers, angels and other high frequency, multi dimensional beings with whom we have made supportive pre-birth agreements.

  • Benevolent ancestors, beings from our physical lineages, who love us and have healing to share for our wellbeing.

  • Various people/friends of ours who have died or others we may not even know. These Guides reside in dimensions closer in frequency to our own and are able to be helpful in short term or spontaneous ways.

  • Our own inner guidance. We each have a wise guidance system within.

  • Nature Herself in the form of trees, animals, rivers, wind, sunlight, etc. offer guidance and can flow into us from above, below, and all around!

  • Our fellow humans with their waves of love and prayer. Anyone who is sending high quality stories infused with peaceful feelings from their hearts into our shared atmosphere.

  • There is a guiding field of love that is abstract and impersonal. It is like an ongoing, living prayer. I see it as a field created by every being who has ever been on Earth. It animates the soul’s purpose. This field vibrates in our atmosphere and is available for us. It is a field of love, healing and guidance that we are able to draw support and guidance from.

And did I mention that this is a two way street?

Working with our Guides does take an investment of our care and time, just like any other important relationship.

Our Job

If you are just learning how to connect with your Guides, it is helpful to be very deliberate and intentional. I love the idea of setting aside a few minutes every day to take time to cultivate this relationship. At some point you may not need such an elaborate ritual because your connection will come more effortlessly, but this is a great way to start.

  • Take it seriously. Set aside a special time to connect, ideally about the same time each day.

  • Do something that signifies that you are stepping into sacred space. You might light candle to celebrate your intention to connect.

  • Center yourself using a couple of long deep breaths.

  • Invite in your Guides. (a sample invitation is shared below)

  • Go inward and ask yourself ‘where do I hurt’ or ‘where do I need help or clarity?’ I often talk this part out loud, freely sharing my situation, telling the story about what is going on that has left me troubled and confused.

  • Know that help is always available, but because of the highest regard for free will, no being can interfere or offer assistance unless invited.

  • Open and allow yourself to receive the help. Since we often have ‘shields’ and ‘protections’ around us, it helps to take a couple more deep breaths and open the door of your heart so the guidance has a way in.

  • Ask for help. Form a careful, thoughtful question. Asking shows a willingness to change.

  • Be willing to change. Know that engaging in a relationship with your Guides will shift your perspectives on life.

  • Ask your Guides to help you heal whatever is necessary, to help you shift into a healthier story.

  • Imagine what life in a better story might FEEL like. You don’t have to know how you will get there. Your job is to reach for a new feeling, try on a new story, and have the courage to imagine a better outcome.

  • Guidance does not always come instantly. We initiate the process and sometimes the answers and solutions come right away, but often they drift in later when we are in an even softer, more open state. Our Guides will use every resource imaginable to get support to us; be prepared to be positioned in the right place at the right time for the perfect solution to appear in a myriad of ways.

  • Offer your gratitude and thanks. Blow out your candle, to close down your sacred space and as you move back into every day time, maintain the awareness that the Guides are with you and around you always.

Forming a relationship with our Guides can help us awaken the parts of ourself that are able to experience this invisible, but very alive field of consciousness. Learning to live in a story that says wisdom and support are with me where ever I am, and that I am a part of a loving responsive living Universe is very healing. All healing includes awakening to an ever deepening understanding that we are a part of something loving.

Simple Invitation for Calling In Your Guides

I honor, acknowledge and engage

my inner guidance.

I invite in all my master teachers, healers,

guides, and angels.

I welcome all the wisdom, love and

healing that flows from

the benevolence of my ancestors.

I welcome all beings who love me

from all dimensions, all time and space.

If you have love and healing to share with me I am open to receive it.

I have invited you here because:

I need help changing a story that I have outgrown.

I am stuck and need a new way forward.

Please support me, comfort me, inspire me.

Help me see the solution that lies within my

problem. I want to experience the world

through a better story…


May your journey be richly rewarding and

your heart open to a wondrous new world of

loving connection

Maya is the co-founder of the Isis Osiris Healing Temple, Wholistic Heartbeat Healing ARts Center, andHealing Path non-profit project. She is the publisher of the Wholisitc Heartbeatand the Annual Healing Arts Guide.She maintains a private practice and can be reached for Spiritual Counseling and Energy Work at 707-834-6831. Visit her websites, &

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