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An Offering From The Heart Song

At this time, when so many people are seeking healing and comfort, I want to offer a healing technique that was communicated to me from my daughter Zoe (above) who lives in dimensions beyond the physical.

Co-creating Sacred Space with the Heart Song so you can safely receive love, healing and nourishment


This is a guided meditation/healing ceremony that features an easy way to work

with your own personal healing team in intentionally created sacred space invoked by you


It is designed to bring you into alignment with the blueprint of your wholeness which is nourished by the HEART SONG


It’s simple and effective

  • The Heart Song emanates out from the heartbeat of this beautiful planet Gaia and the Cosmos.

  •  The Heart Song is the Source of high quality, nourishing love from which we are inseparable. 

  •  It is our home. It exists within and all around us and everything.

  •  It is an inexhaustible and unconditional wellspring of love.

  •  The Heart Song is alive, sentient and deeply responsive to our needs and intentions.

  •  We can cultivate a relationship with it and learn to welcome it into our lives with intention.

  •  The Heart Song can re-attune the lower vibration of pain and fear energies that reside within us to the higher vibration of love. 

  •  ​​Please excuse the use of "she" in this recording, It's meant for everyone but was recorded with a female client who gave her permission for it to be shared.

  1. do something such as lighting a candle or smudging your self to indicate that you are entering sacred space.

  2. Set an intention for your healing. Perhaps to align with the blueprint of your wholeness and total wellbeing.

  3. Find a comfortable place to relax where you can be undisturbed for about a half hour.

  4. Play the “Healing Ceremony” recording and rest into it for several minutes.

  5. When you feel complete, then play the short “Conclusion of Ceremony” recording.

  6. Gently move back into your day.

  7. Revisit often, especially if you’re needing support.

  8. Practice becoming more aware of your Healing Team and the Heart Song throughout the day. 

  9. Donations are welcome if you're in a place to do so.

Healing Ceremony
00:00 / 23:17
Conclusion of Ceremony
00:00 / 06:38

The Heart Song  

If you know what you are grounding into

you can relax and open more fully 


It is a practice to learn to be preoccupied with the fact that the light within has the inexhaustible ability to bring loving and balancing solutions alive in our life.  That in fact, the mere act of slowing down and putting our attention on The Heart Song in any person or situation ignites and amplifies it. Learning how to open wide and relax into it, even for just a few minutes allows us to receive nourishment from this wellspring and strengthens our ability to find what is luminous in the dark.

A Message From Maya 

Facilitating the Birth of Your Emerging Core Essence


It has taken me a long time to be able to understand what happens in the healing room. An endless Heart Song of wisdom and joy flows though each healing session. This flow has been dictated by the sincere desire for change brought alive by the people themselves as they sought to heal, repair and reshape areas of their lives. To say that I am immensely grateful to everyone whom I have had the privilege of working with in the healing room would be an immense understatement. For without the willingness of the client, I would not have known how to access this healing Heart Song on my own.  


The sincerity with which they were seeking healing was the magical incantation that brought the Heart Song alive in the healing room day after day. Maybe that's how it works? It appears at the crossroads of the sincere seeker and the one who responds to help? Like a dimensional door that opens when our grateful hearts are engaged in service to our own greater good and to each other. Well at least that is how it has seemed to work for me. It required being with people who intentionally wanted to heal for me to discover the Heart Song.

Once discovered, the Heart Song became the wise river I would swim in, in order to bring forth the information and the healing that the people who came were looking for. Day after day for more than thirty years, it has showed up, inviting me to see, listen, feel and communicate with it in order to attempt to assist the clients. I understand now that healing is the act of supporting and facilitating the introduction of people to the Heart Song. The Heart Song is the wise place of unified luminosity that exists within every living being. My desire has been to help us to understand that the Heart Song is alive, conscious and sentient. It has a radiance and an innate ability to bring balance to our lives and to all of life everywhere. It is impossible to be separated from the Heart Song. It is the inexhaustible, deeply nourishing wellspring of love that flows from the Heart of this beautiful planet and the Cosmos. It is alive all around us and within every cell of us. 


I have made friends with it, learned from it, found its light within my self, seen and experienced within others and in Nature and continue to look for easy ways to share it with others. It is high quality healing energy and it can re-inform and  re-shape our hurt into love.


Stay tuned as I continue to add to this. Zoe and I have a lot more to share. 


Thank You, Maya

Supporting Information

Maya Cooper shares about her energy work and energy education. To contact Maya text 707-834-6831

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