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  • By Christine Johnson

Seeking Connection to Our Higher Selves

We are One. We are sparks of the Divine Creator, innately and irreversibly connected to each other. Yet, most of our awareness exists in the mind-boggling and illusionary 3D game of separation. Our Higher Selves exist outside of the 3rd Dimension with total awareness of the game and our purpose within the game. Additionally, all Higher Selves are connected and have access to universal knowledge and healing. This is why we seek to connect with and ground our energy into our Higher Selves. Doing so will allow us to find our life’s purpose, heal ourselves, solve our greatest challenges, and ultimately, experience our connection with all life, i.e. Oneness.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a form of therapy that directly connects us to our Higher Selves, and helps us experience the fact that we always have access to this internal and eternal part of ourselves. Very few people are familiar with QHHT, so I keep receiving the same question from curious future clients: “What should I expect from a QHHT session?” Instead of continuing to answer the question individually, I’ve been guided to share the answer en masse.


It’s important to first understand that QHHT was created with the client’s safety and well-being as the number one priority. This is profoundly important in the realm of hypnotherapy, since the client is in the theta brainwave state, an altered state of consciousness where ANYTHING can be experienced. Therefore, it is my job as a QHHT practitioner to create a safe and embracing space for all clients. I do everything possible to create a place of unconditional love, compassion, and understanding. This leads the client to open up and trust, which allows the Higher Self’s information and healing to come through and reach us.

Most people are surprised to learn that a first QHHT session is around five hours. This makes sense when they learn what a session entails. Most clients need only one session to get all the healing and information they need, although some choose to return briefly for increasing depths of understanding and validation. Each one of us is a complex, multidimensional being with unique life experiences, patterns and challenges. It takes time to really get to know you! And it’s important that I know you well because I am your representative and guide when you’re in the theta brainwave state. When I know you well, I can accurately represent and guide you, and you get the healing and information that will assist you the most.

After I know you well, I assist you into, and hold you in the theta brainwave state, which allows us access into the multidimensional parts of yourself. First you are guided through an experience. The experience you have will always be whatever is most helpful for you to experience because your Higher Self, who knows everything about you in all your existences, guides it. It knows exactly what you need to learn and experience to heal yourself and your life. After this experience, we connect directly to your Higher Self to find out why you needed this experience, and to ask your questions. Anything can be asked! Then YOU answer the questions through the energy and voice of your Higher Self; the session is recorded so that you can remember and hear yourself speaking the wisdom of your Higher Self. Listening to the recording again and again has unlimited healing potential, as does following the wisdom of your Higher Self.

Deep down, each one of us seeks to heal ourselves, find our life’s purpose, solve our greatest challenges, and to feel our connection with all life. The answers are already inside, yet we sometimes need help clarifying what they are and trusting ourselves. This is why I’m so passionate about QHHT because it empowers us with unlimited potential and validation. Through allowing the healing and following the wisdom of our Higher Selves, we eventually experience and ground into Oneness. Then we have beaten the illusionary 3D game of life and can sit back in awe and laugh in celebration and joy!

Christine Johnson is a Certified and Insured QHHT practitioner with energy work and massage training, and a BS in marine biology. She practices mostly out of the Isis-Osiris Healing Temple in Arcata, and also practices at the Wholistic Heartbeat office in McKinleyville, a beautiful, private location in Eureka and can accommodate in-home sessions. She offers a sliding scale rate of $150-$400, with payment options, to ensure access to everyone drawn to this powerful healing therapy. Please feel free to call/text (707)407-5050 or email to schedule sessions and ask questions. Thank you!

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