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  • By Maya Cooper

Condors Dream of Coming Home

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I was ushered into condor form by my daughter Zoe, who lives in the Otherworld during a dream I had while sleeping at the Requa Inn on the Klamath River in late February 2014.

My star daughter Zoe in the form of the velvety night sky reaches her giant sky wings

down from the heavens and envelopes me in a gentle hug. I relax into her strong moon-lit starry wings. I feel the warmth of the heavens

embrace and heal me. I want to know what it feels like to have wings as big and vast

and as never-endingly beautiful as the night sky. I open my heart and stretch myself to imagine that I am she, I am winged like Zoe. To my delight I actually succeed

I sprout big, full earthy wings! I watch myself unfold

into the form of a magnificent condor.

I am a condor swimming through the air above the wild waters of the Klamath River. My powerful wings beating I lift higher and higher into the atmosphere. My mind merges with the vast, expansive, acute condor’s mind. From this condor place

I hear myself answer a question that I don’t remember being asked, “How many children do you have?”

“Four”, I hear myself respond,

“three sons who live with us and a daughter who transitioned into the Otherworld

during the year of the water dragon.” Oh, I like that answer! My Maya self smiles. These words are like magic. The Otherworld invoked and recognized responds by revealing itself. I instantly begin seeing openings

into it everywhere I look the parting of clouds, the shafts of light, the space between the raindrops the blue sky peeking through the fog, the shimmer of the water ...

Everywhere there are openings

into other worlds. Everywhere the veils are parted. My wings beat effortlessly and I fly higher still. Looking down, I see life pulsing,

sparkling, and bubbling. Every spoonful of water, air, earth, light

is teaming with majestic life. As a condor, I know there is no death. I see all life below me as a

beautiful kaleidoscopic field of

ever-changing patterns. My condor job is to assist life in changing forms we are the midwifes; we transform life from one expression,

from one experience to the next. Everywhere I look I see life but I am only interested in the life that is ready to change into something new. I have a deep wise instinct for knowing

where that change wants to happen. We condors honor life above all. We know where the openings

in-between the worlds are. We are sacred ambassadors of transition. We are seeing if there is a place for us to

return home to. We haven’t gone away,

we soar in other dimensions. We are watching to see if humans

are ready to transition. To change their thoughts around life

and death and to once again remember that every speck of everything

is teaming with life. We hear your prayers we are waiting for the gateway

back into the world to open. Our way into the world that you humans

occupy is though the keyhole of your fearful thoughts about death, dissolving. If enough humans can make room within

themselves to not fear death, but to instead view life as a sacred series of ever changing forms, an opening will occur

and there will be space for us to return and resume our rightful place as the guardians of life that we are. May it be so.

This is information I bring back from my dreamtime. The condors teach us the level of awareness that is required for us humans to embody if we are to make room for the condors to return to this area. I have been called to witness the condor consciousness and to share it so we can all participate in bringing these birds, who are portals to the Otherworld, back.

They are watching us,

urging us on in love.

~ Namaste

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