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  • By Christine Johnson

Diving Deep: Facing our Greatest Challenges - part 2

The past few months have been so intense that the need to augment the technique described in last issue’s article is clear. Pieces were missing. Isn’t it funny how when you talk the talk, life makes you walk the talk?

The first piece to add to the technique is an addition to Step 1: Feeling, identifying and accepting the painful feeling. The addition is Embracing the feeling. Embracing th feeling is such an important part of healing that an entire book comes to mind on this topic, Loving What Is, by Byron Katie. This book is wonderfully helpful if you’re challenged by embracing challenging feelings. After the feeling is acknowledged, named and accepted, it leaves a void. A void devoid of heart. It needs to be filled with love. The feeling was meant to be there because it’s there. It has a divine purpose. Embracing the feeling will lead to new revelations and deeper acceptance. This is the essence of the Ho’opono’pono prayer, creating a void where there was disturbing energy and filling it with love.

Embracing the feeling “worthless,” which was used as a simplistic example in the last article, brought up the question, “What does have worth?” Contemplating this question allowed me to solidify my belief that everything has worth, simply because it is here. And it brought up the fact that some things feel like they are worth more. These are our values. They are unique to the individual, subjective, and help define our identities. Yet, all things are created equally, all have worth. Embracing the feeling brought me new revelations and deeper acceptance. Ahh!

Another piece that came since the last article is the need for us to stay detached from the process and outcome of this healing technique. When we go into the Unknown with this technique, divine solutions will come from our Higher Selves. These solutions are likely to exceed our expectations.

Honoring the healing process helps us stay detached. Each healing process is unique, so it will look different for each of us. It probably won’t help us to compare our process with others, unless it helps us to understand our process. Additionally, no matter what someone else’s process appears to be, the healing process is equally difficult for all. In fact, healing our greatest challenges is Supremely Difficult! Our greatest challenges are the lessons we came to Earth to learn. Let’s honor ourselves for tackling such huge challenges!

Holding onto ideas of what our healing process should be like keeps us attached to the process, and will limit and hinder our healing. Sacrifices may have to be made. We may not be getting what we want from someone. Since we can’t make them, we need to give it to ourselves. Then we can feel better and they’ll be more able to give it to us too. Staying in touch with, trusting, and acting on our feelings will navigate us through the healing process.

Beliefs have revealed their power over our lives over these past few months. This motivates me to again emphasize the importance of our basic beliefs about the world, i.e. our relationship with the world. These beliefs innately influence our every thought and experience. Truly, our beliefs are the only lenses in which we can see. It is worth the time and effort to work with these beliefs, and doing so has profound effects. Trust that everything is happening for the best, because it really is! Once we truly trust, no fears can shake our grounded knowingness. It’s an awesome and powerful feeling, and available to all of us.

The Diving Deep process can be profound if we are committed to doing the healing work. And there will probably be more pieces to add along the way. If we are diligent and love ourselves very much, we will find peace and acceptance. We will find what we are supposed to find. Namaste!

Christine Johnson is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) practitioner with massage and energy work training, mother of three, and has her BS in marine biology. She is passionate about this fun and incredible healing therapy and loves sharing it with the world. Sessions are typically 4-6 hours due to the therapy’s in-depth nature. In-home sessions are available. She is available at 707 407-5050 (call/text) or to schedule sessions and answer questions.


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