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  • By Maya Cooper

The Living Universe

Nourishing our inner world in order to affect sustainable change to the outer world.

Remember, awakened spiritual beings, we are dismantling an old paradigm that we the people wove into a collective reality from our disembodied fear and we are replacing it with a new reality, one that is woven with the kind and colorful threads of our embodied love. Preoccupation with generous solutions for all living things will lead us into the new world. The new world is UNITY. Don’t make anyone the enemy. Remember the mission: dismantle fear and create love. It’s what we’ve been rehearsing for all this time.

The energy that fuels us is as important as the actions we take

We are multi-dimensional, powerful creators. We are creating all the time. Every thought, word and deed that pours out of us is contributing not only to our personal reality but also to our collective, shared reality.

Regardless of the quality of our thoughts, they produce an enormous energetic charge. Our undisciplined, unexamined mind-chatter has as much power and creativity as our conscious, collected, calm thoughts.

Our thoughts generate an energy that is transmitted to the world. This stream of conscious-thought-energy is caught in the web of life. The web of life is a responsive energy field that we, and all living things on this planet, are an inescapable, inseparable part of. It holds and weaves us together as one. It is a part of us and we are a part of it.

The web of life takes thought energy and forms it into a series of living pictures. These pictures are reflected back to us three-dimensionally. We call this reality. Reality is actually the projection of all our collective thoughts coming together into a series of living pictures. The web is lovingly neutral and gives us a way to see our invisible thoughts. It turns them into form so we can experience and examine them and decide if we like what we have created. This is true in our individual lives and in our collective reality.

So then, can a better reality be created by better thoughts? Well kind of, but it’s more helpful to talk about this first in terms of nourishment. A better thought would be a nourished thought, and it would come from a deeper place within us. A better thought is a more embodied thought. There are the disembodied thoughts that spring out of our brains in unconscious ways like unmanned fire hoses, gushing out wildly all over the place. Then there are the thoughts that bubble up from the core of our inner guidance and contain a wisdom which we have accumulated throughout our lifetimes. These deeper thoughts include more levels of our intelligence. They can contain our empathy, patience, passion, creativity, our refined vision and our love. Our prayers and good intentions, our visions of something better, these thoughts have a nourished quality. They are a fuller, more harmonized tone of our frequency. Quality, nourished thoughts are the fuel of a quality, nourished reality. They are our Heart Song.

High quality fuel feeds and nourishes our deeper flow of intelligence

Imagine for a moment that there are two realities available to us and the fuel we choose to power ourselves with will bring one or the other reality into play.

By default and unconscious conditioning, we can, and most often do, tap into the powerful energy that is created by our undisciplined, unexamined mind-chatter. Traumas, reactions, fears, judgments and expectations, bouncing back and forth between ourselves and others, create what I call a horizontal power grid. It is a viable form of energy but it has massive side effects. The energy created by these types of thoughts moving back and forth between us is not only indigestible but it keeps us in the same trauma, reaction, fear, judgment and expectation. We can easily liken this type of thought fuel to fossil fuel. We pay a very high price for our fossil fuel usage, and it leaves a heavy trail of pollution, war and damage to the planet in its wake. It is ineffective, dirty and wasteful. Thought fuel from the horizontal power grid is just as unsustainable. Unsustainable fuel produces unsustainable thoughts that the web of life then reflects back to us in the form of an unsustainable reality.

This new era that we have entered since the election has awakened us to the unsustainable, largely unconsciously created parts of our collective reality. Many of us have been feeling alone and overwhelmed, operating in our own little bubbles, trying just to hang on and survive. All the while, we’ve been unaware that the thoughts generated by the stress of surviving has had immense creative power in shaping our collective reality. Now we are looking around and seeing that this is not the reality we want. We are awake and ready to focus on creating an intentional reality, an empowered reality that includes the many levels of our awakened intelligence. As we are responding to these fast-paced changes in our world, I believe it is the fuel we choose to power our actions and our activism that will ultimately dictate whether we recreate more of what we have had or if we will be able to usher in a new sustainable, loving, unified reality. This groundswell movement requires a high quality fuel source. Imagine what this world would look like if the majority of us were adept at fueling ourselves and creating intentionally with a nourishing love!

Practicing good “reality” stewardship

All realities are in play. We have two energy sources available to us in each moment. Every one of us will have to choose whether to stay tapped into the horizontal power grid or to up to the vertical power grid.

It is in the stillness of the soul, beneath the ceaseless chatter of the mind, that we can reconnect with the living powers of the Universe, to learn their language, hear their stories and songs, open to their wisdom- and pass the message onto our fellow human beings that the Earth is alive

-Mara Freeman (

The Vertical Power Grid - The Heart Song

  • There is an energy source that radiates out from the heartbeat of everything. It is the living power of the Universe.

  • It is created by the way the Galaxy and the Earth breathe and share love back and forth between each other.

  • This energy is freely and abundantly available to every one of us at all times, especially when we are present in the current moment.

  • This energy unifies, heals, rejuvenates and nourishes whoever opens to it.

  • It creates unity between the spirit’s and the body’s intelligence.

  • It creates optimal conditions for full embodiment.

  • It creates a feeling of calm and safety as it brings us into our body.

  • Accessing it will greatly expand our definition of who we are and what love is.

  • It can be accessed though our willingness and curiosity.

  • With enough exposure, this energy penetrates our core and enlivens our essential intelligence.

  • Learning to consciously open and receive this living energy animates the divine feminine within us.

  • Learning to consciously flow it back into the world animates the divine masculine within us.

Switch gears for a minute and notice the air around you. It is a living being. It is filled with light, with moisture, pollen from the earth, with color … . It is surrounding you and moving in and out of you. Shift your awareness to how it passes through your skin into your inner world. Notice how your skin is actively breathing it in. Your lungs are actively breathing it in. Without even paying attention, you are in direct, intimate relationship with this living air being, and it is keeping you alive. This is love, freely given.

Shift your awareness and imagine you can follow the air and the light into your blood, your organs, your bones. Feel your cells light up as your mind helps carry this energy deeper into you. Open, receive, let it in. Open your inner doors and windows and let it in. That receptivity is the goddess coming alive within you. Soften, open, receive, fill, and relax. As your mind softly assists in opening to the air, you strengthen your channels of receptivity and enliven your goddess energy. Feel into how alive your inner universe is! Singing a prayer of gratitude to breath, inhale light, exhale light, inhale the earth inhale the cosmos, exhale and honor and acknowledge these living beings, this energy. This clean eternal source energy feeds and nourishes us. Welcome to the Vertical Power Grid of sustainable Love.

We are meant to run off of love and love is freely and abundantly given. There are no rules, no rewards for good behavior, no earning the favor of a higher Source. Our right to this unlimited energy cannot be granted to us by anyone nor can it be taken away. It is so consistently, freely and simply available to us that we overlook it and don’t realize the level of support we are held in minute by minute.

We and we alone control our access to this never-ending energy. It is up to us to learn how to open and allow it in. To do so requires that we slow down a bit, engage in mindfulness, and be willing to view our thoughts from a new perspective.

An inner yoga practice

Thoughts containing pain, fear, judgment, reaction, trauma or expectation create feelings in our bodies. These feelings carry a strong, uncomfortable charge. In our quest to understand the feelings, we are likely to guess, assume, imagine and create stories about whatever event was responsible for bringing them forth. Before we know it, we are having an inner conversation with another person and bam, the second we do that, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of that horizontal power grid. By default we have begun swapping intense thoughts and feelings back and forth with another person or group in our own head as the charge within us builds.

To move to the unconditional love of the Vertical Power Grid, The Heart Song, we need to find a way to interrupt that natural horizontal response for a few minutes and try something new. With a little practice we have the ability to rewire ourselves, open and receive an unlimited flow of nourishment exactly when we need it most.

It is best to try this daily when you are already in a peaceful state of mind, like maybe before you fall asleep at night. If possible you want to get the hang of it when you are relaxed and then learn to apply it later when you become triggered.

Sit or lie down somewhere comfortable.

Take a deep breath and bring your attention and your imagination to your feet if you are standing/sitting or your back if you are lying down.

Notice gravity. Gravity is the Earth pulling you close to her in a big powerful hug. Let gravity help you settle into the weight of your body.

When you are ready, shift your attention down to the Earth.

Gently notice that the Earth is alive, aware, sentient and She is breathing.

From your heart, send gratitude and love to the Earth’s heart.

Soften, open and relax into the breathing Earth, even if it feels like you are imagining it.

Your body is made of the Earth. The Earth recognizes you as a part of Herself. She knows and loves you.

Let your body blend into Her body.

Invite your breathing to synchronize with Hers.

You can feel, sense, imagine or experience that there are flows of energy, colors, lights, patterns, warmth and more that sing up from the Earth into you.

Imagine moving through your body, inviting it to relax and open its inner doors and windows to more fully allow the Heart Song of the Earth to flow into you.

Sink deeper and imagine connecting with Earth’s heartbeat. Let it soothe you.

This is a relationship. Notice the energy going back and forth between you and Her.

Hang out here as long and as much as you can, continuing to allow this energy to flow deeper into you, continuing to open your inner doors and windows, continuing to practice learning how to receive.

You can try this same exercise but substitute the Sky or the Cosmos, the movement of the Planets, the light of the Sun, Moon and Stars, or Breath for the Earth. All of these are alive, aware, sentient, breathing beings. All of these are different ways the love of the Living Universe expresses itself. They form the heartbeat that animates every living thing on this planet. They each recognize you as a part of them and hold deep and unconditional love for you. This isn’t an exercise as much as it is a relationship-building suggestion. This is a true and constant Source of unconditional love.

To take this exercise into a moment when you are challenged I would offer this perspective. Take a couple of deep breaths and just notice your thoughts. Witness as thoughts arise containing pain, fear, judgment, reaction, trauma or expectation. Understand that the thought is only giving you information. The thought does not have to be taken seriously, but it is giving you valid information that some part of you is malnourished. Activate your desire to help heal yourself. Take a couple of deep breaths and do your best to shift your focus to the living universal power. Be kind; the brain will want to keep running its stories, but gently bring your attention back to the way the earth is breathing and practice melting into Her breath.

It is about letting go, but letting go safely into the arms of something that is already holding you and that has been holding you your whole life. Shifting your focus to the Vertical Grid requires a willingness to suspend the dualistic thought-story creations of right and wrong, us and them, and even good and bad. It is really big work. I call it my life yoga. It does take commitment and willingness to train yourself to soften and open to love when all you really want to do is react. Developing a curiosity about the Universe’s perspective helps. Until it becomes second nature and we are continually aware that we are vitally connected to the living universe, we practice shifting our awareness from our limited thoughts into a soft state of receptivity. By doing this, little by little, we give power over to our hearts. We are putting our hearts in charge of our thoughts. Our hearts are already in a deep relationship with the heartbeat of the Living Universe.

Know that no matter what is going on around you, you and you alone have the sacred choice to open to Love. There is a real living field of love that you can say yes to no matter what is going on within you or in front of you. There is always unconditional love moving around and through you that you can shift your awareness and soften into.

Learning to live in the Vertical Power Grid requires that we practice being in a surrendered state of acceptance to the unlimited supply of love coming from the vertical grid. Our response to a challenge or a trigger can be to open wider and deepen our connection to this love. It is a surrender of expectation and conditioning but not of power and action. Learn to have conversations and initiate projects from this place of openness. To move with the flow of creativity and love in the river of the current moment is to know that this love is more alive and real than anything else we experience. The nourishment we receive becomes the currency we create and share with the world.

Make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone. – Buckminster Fuller

So how do we usher in a new peaceful reality? We energetically align with sustainable fuel. The energy of our thoughts informs and changes the web of life every second of every day. We ‘think’ into reality the world around us. To be awake on the planet at this time is to understand there is an unlimited supply of Love for us to use to cultivate the ability to shift our perspective from horizontal to vertical. Focusing our consciousness to bring out the best in each other is the radical activism these times call for, and it can be joyfully accomplished if we are tapped into the right fuel Source.

Maya is the co-founder of the Isis Osiris Healing Temple and publisher of the Wholisitc Heartbeat and the Annual Healing Arts Guide. She can be reached for Spiritual Counseling and Energy Work at 707-834-6831. Visit the website,

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