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Introduction to Practical Homeopathy

Introduction to Practical Homeopathy

As a Self Care Coach, I am inherently a gatherer of tools. Especially ones that bring you closer to true health and self love. Because of these seeking ways, many of us are drawn to old healing traditions for solutions.

Over the past two decades I have traveled the globe searching for those things and ways to lead to the greater healing within each of us. One of the most powerful remedies I have ever used is homeopathy. Homeopathy has safe guarded my family against disease, uprooted chronic health issues, and brought comfort and ease in first-aid situations.

When I first heard of homeopathy back in 2005, it was elusive and complicated, and I had to go to a homeopath to have her treat me with a remedy. It didn’t seem accessible or user friendly. In 2008, I dove deeper into homeopathy because I found it to be a safe and natural over-the-counter option that helped alleviate symptoms in children who had no interest in strong herbal concoctions. With the beginning of my own family in 2012, I began a more serious study of homeopathy. I have found teachers that have expounded upon the science and use of homeopathy in ways that are concrete and replicable.

One teacher in particular, Joette Calabrese, has achieved the ability to disseminate information on a different version of homeopathy called “Practical Homeopathy.” Although she is a classically trained and registered homeopath of over 30 years, I am not. I am a student who has been seriously taking her courses for the past three years. Her current work stems from the Banerji Protocols, a group of multi-generational doctors in Calcutta, India whose work and documentations have lent to a new method within homeopathy known as Practical Homeopathy.

All I am really saying is if you have found homeopathy to be confusing and you haven’t gotten results, all is not lost! What I offer you is a path to getting started with homeopathy. If you find yourself wondering things like: ~how can I ~

help my child not get sick as often

heal quickly from a burn or other basic first-aid issues

fight off insomnia

to name a few … then homeopathy could be your new best tool, too!

I will be offering two introduction classes on

Practical Homoeopathy this spring.

Thursday, March 28th at 10 am

and Saturday March 30th at 2 pm

In this one-hour introduction I will elaborate on:

the history of homeopathy

the differences between classical and practical homeopathy

a brief explanation of dosage, potency, and frequency

and how you can attain the ability to confidently use a premiere remedy

From this Introduction to Practical Homeopathy, you can decide if you want to learn more. The next step is Joette Calabrese’s that I will be leading this spring. It is divided into 8 lessons and graduates have access to a homeopathic pharmacy as well as a strong foundation in homeopathy. It is just the beginning! But the overarching goal is for families to be able to take care of basic injuries and sicknesses at home. This study group is designed to empower you on your self-care path. So if you are ready to take your health by the horns and put on your student’s cap, then this Study Group is for you.

If you would like to sign up for this Introductory to Practical Homeopathy Course, please contact me at


Jahnan Derso is a Self Care coach with tips to help you boost your health and take care of yourself holistically. She also practices Maya Abdominal Massage on women who are: looking to conceive, pregnant, post-partum and healing their wombs. She is the creator and author of where she combines her life experience and educational knowledge of 20 years to offer you healthy lifestyle solutions.

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