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  • By Maya Cooper

Creating New Land Under Our Feet

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Sometimes referred to as Madame Pele, or Tutu – grandmother – Pele is hailed as the powerful force behind Kilauea’s decades-long eruptions. The volcano has been in a constant, on-off state of eruption since 1983, although this current eruption is a more severe case. Kilauea’s constant stream of lava has so far added 120 acres of new land to Hawaii’s Big Island and expansion is expected to continue.

...The personification of elements into akuas is a long-held practice of Hawaiians who remain connected to their ancestors through chants, songs and prayers about the natural world. Kame’eleihiwa said everything has a divine purpose, which Hawaiians take care to acknowledge and honor in their cultural rites.

-Pele: Who is Hawaii’s volcanic fire goddess? By Hannah Wiley, USA Today May 10, 2018


Fred’s (Mr. Rogers) faith surfaced in subtle, indirect ways that most viewers might miss, but it infused all he did. He believed “the space between the television set and the viewer is holy ground,” but he trusted God to do the heavy lifting. The wall of his office featured a framed picture of the Greek word for “grace,” a constant reminder of his belief that he could use television “for the broadcasting of grace through the land.”

-Saint Fred by Jonathan Merritt, The Atlantic, Nov 22, 2015.


It is in the stillness of the soul, beneath the ceaseless chatter of the mind, that we can reconnect with the living powers of the Universe, to learn their language, hear their stories and songs, open to their wisdom- and pass the message onto our fellow human beings that the Earth is alive …

-Mara Freeman (


I am issuing an invitation ... Forget About Resisting

it keeps us trapped and in relationship with

what we don’t want.

Let’s offer up our resistance and get busy Creating instead

but not by Ourselves...

Oh no, we have allies!

Living among us are

wise benevolent ancient spiritual beings

They are absolutely everywhere

They inhabit the invisible and visible world

For instance, the Spirits of friendship or grace (invisible)

The Spirits of the air we breathe (invisible)

or the spirit of a Tree, Volcano or blade of grass

(an invisible spirit occupying a visible form)

We are (accidently) interacting with them whenever we are soft and open and it feels really really good

It’s a heart opening that feels like being moved

by love, beauty and kindness

We feel touched by something majestic when we are

enjoying a breathtaking sunrise

a delightful encounter with Nature or the smile of a child

We might think of these as spontaneous moments

that have the power to bring us a joy, peace or inspiration

A gift we have been blessed to receive

But they are not random moments

they are encounters

Encounters with wonderful invisible Beings

benevolent ancient spirits

Spirits who are our helpers and our guides

These encounters seem spontaneous

because we have oftentimes forgotten

that these spiritual beings even exist

And if by chance we do remember

we may have lost our ability to

properly cultivate relationships with them


Trauma, pain, suffering and fear

One of the side effects of trauma is that it fragments us

It causes us to forget who we really are

and what we really are a part of

We become lost and ungrounded

We seemingly lose a connection to essential parts

of our own Natural Self

and in doing so we lose our connection to them,

the wise benevolent ancient spiritual beings

This loss hurts!

It is a core pain

and it can lead us to feel desperately

unlovable, unsupported and unworthy

It is a pain like no other to feel separate

Separate from our essential nature

Separate from the support of these

wise benevolent ancient spiritual beings

and the perspectives, teachings and understandings

they have to share

Such as:

All living beings belong together

We belong to each other

Together we are an interdependent whole

We inhabit both a visible world

and an invisible world and

We have a need to be fully alive in both worlds

But take heart!

These benevolent ancient spirits and

these essential aspects of our true whole nature

have not forgotten us!

they are fully alive in the realm of our wholeness

Do you want to try an inner yoga exercise that can help you





Next time you find yourself challenged and your desire is to fight, resist, distance yourself, shut down …


Slow down, take a breath and observe

Observe your reaction and ask yourself and

the spirits around you this question

What is missing here?

Is this situation missing the spiritual “ingredient” of

Safety, Kindness, Love, Happiness, Peace, Healing, Mercy, Forgiveness, or Beauty?

(just to suggest a few)

Spoiler Alert: It’s really hard to switch gears from the emotions you feel and the reactions you are experiencing

and move into contemplating the situation from this angle, so be nice to yourself as you practice this approach.

Let’s say you feel like Safety is the missing ingredient

Now get curious about Safety being

a wise loving spiritual being

Not a word or a concept but an ancient living force,

an ally who is waiting for a door to open

An ally who wants to come in and help heal the hearts and minds of everyone involved in this challenging situation.

Invoke the sacred spirit of Safety

Soften, open and invite it into the room,

Let Safety hold you

Open your inner doors and invite Safety in

Breathe Safety into your heart,

into any pain you feel or observe.

Embody Safety; let the light and wisdom of this wise

sentient being fill you up

You can ask the spirit of Safety for help and guidance

Stay soft and open

Keep your focus on what Safety feels like

in and around you

You can let Safety help you vision what

the repaired situation could feel like

Take a couple of minutes to commune with Safety

until you feel able to

Radiate safety out to the challenging situation

Safety would like to be a part of the solution

Safety wants to help

Safety wants to lend its gift, its love, its comfort

Let it soothe and heal you on it’s way out to the world

Let’s not waste time blaming or fighting or resisting

We are creating new land here

Remembering, Repairing, Restoring, Reweaving

ourselves and our worlds back together

Thank you for opening the door and inviting in the kindest most loving response to the problem

In this practice you become the prayer

Sometimes as we open the door to these beings

we become inspired by them to create and offer something

in a very real world practical way.

Go with the flow, see what unfolds.

What shape would Safety like to take in the physical world?

What new holy ground

would you and Safety like to create together?

a prayer, a poem, a piece of art, a song, a ceremony,

an act of kindness….

Create, Create, Create

Life is an art project and

we have access to everything we need

Link in

Power up

Bring us your love

Blessings of Wholeness Upon You,

- Maya Cooper

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