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  • By Jesse Austin

You Are Abortion -Story Poem: Your Mother Didn’t Want You

Your mother didn’t want you. She said ‘no’ and sent you spinning off into space - a lost star, an abandoned spirit without home, family or love.

You are destined to range through the unseen universe as a tiny mite of nothing that will never, ever be something.

You are abortion, God’s greatest sin. Not even the devil wants you. You shall never swim in a lake, eat a peach or hug your neighbor. You are the ‘no’ that rings through infinity.

And darkness, oh my goodness, you know darkness. Dank darkness without pleasure or challenge that never ends. Not even the Christians will take you in - you are abortion.

But there are miracles. If God is too busy to find you, the angels are not. They awaken your mother, who has put you away in a little box, buried deep in her heart - the child that never was.

The locks to the box are guilt, remorse and separation.

The angels, oh the lovely angels, who are above and beyond God and the devil and humans too, have the key. The key is the miracle fashioned from forgiveness, love and, best of all, curiosity.

The mother only needs to stretch out her arms, to be curious about tiny, lost, forgotten you - abortion. If her curiosity grows to longing, and her longing grows to love, then the angels will reward her and save you.

The mother finally desires to know tender, scrumptious you. Deep in her soul she sends out a summons. And the angels, riding on splendid wings, criss-cross the vast regions of hopelessness.

And tiny you, riding a tricycle on a sidewalk beyond the caring laughter of grandmothers, mothers and sisters, see just ahead a giant with enormous wings.

The angel announces your name in festive song.

And God and the devil and even blighted Christians take notice of a sound so pure it makes light in the blackness.

But solitary spirit you knows you are abortion. You are dammed. With tear-stained face you look up into the black eyes of the angel.

“Mother,” you are told with divine sympathy. “Mother wants you home.”

In an instant you are in the loving heart of your mother. She embraces you like no other. Love and words and tears spill out of you.

Your mother, who blazingly welcomes your return, doesn’t cry, she laughs.

“Child,” she croons, “Tell me everything. Where have you gone? What have you seen?”

And thus we learn, and thus we rejoice.

Mrs Cooper, editor/publisher of Wholistic Heartbeat has requested context for my story/poem ‘You Are Abortion’...

To Wit: I work as a psychic medium therapist…

When I read folks that have had an abortion, my guides show me a star, the spirit that visited in utero…

The spirit is, of course, wonderfully and lovingly always and forever available for insight and intimate connection - spirit never dies…

However, mothers who have had an abortion often have enormous anguish, even years and years later, about their decision to end a pregnancy…

They think the baby is forever lost, its chance to live eternally extinguished...That is not true...Spirit and the love connection are always available for exploration…

The story/poem I wrote is about the terrible anguish of being rejected by the mother, by the universe (you don’t have to be aborted to have experienced this feeling)...

The wisdom of the story/poem is that curiosity, love and forgiveness lead to intimate connection, in all directions...That is to say: Your anguish is an opportunity for enlightenment..

Psychic Medium Jesse Austin can be contacted by email at

Jesse credits his wife, Rita, for the story’s artwork "Star Traveler"

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