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  • By Ellen Dee Davidson

Secret Treasure

Hidden inside your being is a secret treasure. We all have this sweet kernel of the divine as our core essence. Cultivate your seed with care. Sow it with gratitude. In a grateful moment, there is no hurry or striving, no trying to get anywhere. Being truly thankful evokes presence and we naturally slow down.

When we are slow, our feelings have time to emerge. Tears may come. Let them. They soften and open hearts. We are releasing the trauma of centuries. It is possible to do this quickly without rushing or trying to go fast. The quickness happens in the slowing down, which allows time to stretch out and become spacious.

Take time to give yourself what you need to heal. Self-care is the first essential magic. Without it, we will not be able to sustain more. So take that nap, bath, or walk. Listen to music or birds. Watch sunsets and flowers. Go to yoga. Talk to a friend. Dance under the moon. Howl! Do whatever it takes to open and fill. Let your cells plump up with juice, like a thirsty plant receiving water.

Each one of us has this capacity to plug in and experience being part of ALL. The divine energy (call it what you will) is absolutely limitless. The intelligent universe is waiting as eagerly as a puppy for each one of us to wake up and consciously play with her. She offers us the power of connection. We are not separate or cut off in any way. Relax and find, as visionary pragmatist, Jean Houston, who has written many books and worked as an advisor to UNICEF, says, “You are in the universe and the universe is in you”.

We do not have to create this big, miserable, uncomfortable mess. We could have a lot more fun creating paradise. How good could it be? How beautiful? How sparkling the water, how happy the children, how diverse the species, how comfortable, sustainable, peaceful, joyous and creative might we be on our beautiful blue-green planet?

We can choose to put our time, energy, and attention into the green world we want and not into this nightmare that has been sold to us by a greedy few for their personal profit. No one can stop us from turning this around, climate change and all, if we come together and accept our real power – the power of the universe.

Just start wherever you are, right now, and plant the seeds of your love in the actions of every day. It can be as simple as offering a smile or a cup of tea. The universe is just waiting for enough of us to say YES to life.

Note to readers: You may ask, how do I know this? The answer is, I sat down and asked the universe to help me write what people need to know right now, and this is what came through. I will also be following this guidance!

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