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  • By Carolyn Ayres

Tarot Wise - A solstice Offering

We have recently passed out of the Celtic New Year of Samhain, the months of Samonios, the seed-fall, the coming of winter, when Nature seems to pull back into her depths. In November and December, we are in Dumannios, the darkest depths approaching, and what I consider the New Year. The Winter Solstice, when the dark gives way to the Light. In this cycle of Dark and Light, Death and Birth, we can find Hope and Realization. The realization that nothing stays the same and the hope that it won’t. That our world and we are always in flux. That Change is constant. Realization and hope, that if we don’t change, we will be forced to by Universal Laws of Evolution. We are evolving even as it seems we are sinking. For the most important aspect of evolution is the seeding in the dark of the new and unknown. This is how we move forward and create new paradigms.

So in honor of this time of rest, renewal and seeding in the dark, I am taking a break from the Tree of Life and the Major Arcana to offer you a different kind of Tarot spread with meditation, something to encouareg you to go within to the dark and deep.

Tarot Spread to Prepare for the Winter Solstice of 2019, Saturday, December 21.

As the days get darker, we are called inwards. It is time for hibernation. So as you stand before your cave entrance, what comes up? Fear of what you might discover? Excitement about what you might discover?

Write about your feelings, about your depths, your Shadow, the aspects of you that have been pushed away or abandoned. These aspects may be appearing as anxiety, worry, anger, depression, tears seemingly over nothing or Joy for no reason, shaking in the body, sudden impulses to just leave it all behind, or flashes of possibility.

After writing a bit, it’s time to draw three Tarot cards asking:

First card: What do I Fear/Anticipate?

Second Card: What holds me back?

Third Card: What pushes me forward into my depths?

Read them altogether for more depth about your Feelings at this time.

Now draw a forth card for a Guide, a helper as you move into your depths.

From here you can take yourself into Deep Meditation. Take your time. When you feel centered, imagine yourself standing at the Threshold of this Cave of Yourself. See your guide with you. See yourself enter. Explore. Ask questions of your Guide. Allow what ever appears to appear. Trust. When you are ready, come back and draw as many cards as needed about what you experienced. Let the cards and your guidance speak to you.

Write some more.

Then ask the cards, “As I emerge from exploration of my Depths what Light is available to me?”

Pick another card for clarity.

As always, I am open to comments and questions as I am passionate about ongoing awakening for us all. I encourage you to email me, Carolyn Ayres, to be on my email list, You will then receive my New Moon Message, Tarot reading each month, and hear about my classes and workshops. Coming up is: Clearing the Mental Debris workshop in preparation for the Winter Solstice happening in December. Also, New Year Readings on the Tree of Life Workshops will be in January. Private mentoring and consultations are always available on the phone, Skype, Zoom or in person at the Garden Studio in Eureka. If you are out of the area, I am also teaching privately online with Zoom. For more information about my classes or private consultations, call 707-442-4240, email me at or check out my website at

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