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  • By Michael Jason Sherman, MA


Many of us are wondering about our communication habits. This includes how we interact with others in our life, and how we communicate with ourselves on the inside. The opportunity to practice high frequency, healing communication in a partner practice is something that can bring us into a state of relief, and a sense of being seen for who we really are. This kind of work will help us in our life and in our work, and it will help us find wisdom and well-being in only a few minutes.

This work is called THE POWER OF MIRRORING.

My name is Michael Sherman. I’m an author, coach and workshop leader and the teacher of the upcoming monthly series every second Wednesday of the month at Isis Osiris Healing Temple in Sunny Brae. What I like to do with my workshops is present Mirroring Communication Practice as a method of energy healing; demonstrating “mirroring” as an ongoing learning technique that helps us feel heard and understood, while learning how to provide the same.

It’s my intention to give the local community and the readers of Wholistic Heartbeat a quality evening of learning and fun every month. Please, join me for this workshop. In the meantime, here is more about mirroring and what it can mean for you in your life and work.


When you come to one of my workshops, you’re probably going to see 2 chairs facing each other. These are dialogue chairs. We are learning a practice much like yoga or tai chi, only in this case, the practice is dialogue. And we do it with a partner (meaning any other person, not necessarily your life or work partner). And the reason we do it is that it helps us to feel really good, deep, powerful, positive, honest, real feelings.

Dialogue can be pretty cool to watch as well. You will see me facilitate a dialogue between any two people in the class. One participant might “send” on something like a concern about a decision they have to make. While the other partner, the “receiver,” will mirror back exactly what they heard the sender say.

Why so simple? Because the practice, with its specific protocols and structure, gets us out of negative emotional reactivity and instead focused on emotional energy. The sender will feel relief being heard, but even more, they will gain access to a deeper part of themselves that is telling them the truth through their body.

Meanwhile, the receiver will be focused on being fully present, having a quiet mind, and an open heart that allows for an energetic validation of the sender. It can be breathtaking when we all witness it. We all feel more human and a whole lot wiser.


If you come to my class, and especially if you come back to my class, you’ll get a handle on an issue that affects you in your relationships or in a place within that feels out of balance. The process of mirroring, will help you understand where you want to be emotionally, how to understand negative reactivity, and how to not only listen to others, but to also your own authenticity and intuition. This solves a lot of problems for us. It helps us find peace about disturbances and change. It gives us self-confidence. And it helps us see the spiritual aspect of our daily lives in ways that have unique meaning to ourselves.

Mirroring helps us know what was previously unknowable in relationships because we simply couldn’t see the other person. This class helps us move past that and into the energy field of the heart.


As best as I can, I try to give The Power of Mirroring a community feel. The reason is the work is aligning with the energy of nature that is moving between us. When we see a mountain sitting above a lake, we also see the mountain in the lake. Just as you read these words, there’s a little bit of me now being mirrored in you. And so in some small way, by you letting me in, we are now in connection.

This is mirroring. It is a practice that helps us to understand connection and how to naturally create it. It’s a way of experiencing the power of your own authenticity, simply by being heard. We all need that, which is why building and sharing in community is an important part of this work.

I hope you come check it out!

Michael is the author of The Zen of Solo Travel: A Journey from Anxiety to Enlightenment and the creator of the HEALING POWER OF THE ROAD online program. Learn more about Michael at his website:

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