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  • By Heather O’Connell

Power Animals & Spirit Guides: A Path to Authenticity

Throughout history humans have been navigating how to live well and in balance with the natural world. Many of our Ancestors achieved this by establishing a direct connection and communication with the elements, land, animals and plants through some form of journeying. Our Ancestors understood that having a working partnership with the essence and spirit that resides within all things is essential for survival. Today, so many of us have become divorced from the practices and traditions that aided our Ancestors in living healthy, balanced and sustainable lives. We’ve become dependent on technology and having what we need when we need it. In the process, we move further away from the wisdom and healing that we need, not just to survive, but to thrive in these changing times. Our Power Animals and Guardian Spirits are eager to work with us and the practice of journeying is still here and it still works. Is it ready to reawaken within you?

It was an ordinary day… aside from

it being the day that I was going to meet a Shaman and learn how to journey. At this point in my life I had no context for what a Shaman’s role was outside of being a Healer of some sort and that they could teach me a practice referred to as “shamanic journeying.” Although I only vaguely knew what I was signing up for at the time, somewhere deep inside me it was clear that I needed to learn this practice. Also, I had always wondered what a Power Animal was… so… I got in my car and headed up the mountain to meet the Shaman.

I had no idea that I would leave that session with the key and the doorway to the answers I had been seeking most of my life. But that day I met my navigator, my friend and my protector also known as my Power Animal.

I felt vital and full of life for what felt like the first time. With my Power Animal by my side I began to learn how to navigate these “invisible” worlds that are home to helping spirits who so generously offer an abundance of wisdom and healing. I recovered lost parts of myself, discovered my purpose, my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health improved, and I found deeper connection and meaning in life. I was never what I would consider “good” at meditation, having tried many different forms and practices, however, journeying fit for me. The experience of a drum journey felt more like an active form of meditation. I was still allowing input to come in, engaging my brain and all of my senses. It wasn’t like reading a textbook or doing a tarot card reading, when I received input in a journey, it became alive within me and began to be expressed in my life.

The Role of a Power Animal

A Power Animal or Guardian Spirit is a personal guide and protector that has a unique and personal relationship with the person whom it chooses to help. Some believe that when we are born at least one Power Animal or Guardian Spirit volunteers to be our guide and protector, sort of like a Guardian Angel. Our Power Animals are compassionate “helpers” who have our best interest at heart and help guide us consciously or unconsciously towards balance, harmony and wholeness. Furthermore, the presence of our P.A. or Guardian Spirit can help to ease anxiety, insecurity and serves as a form of protection from outside influences that distract us from living an authentic life. What a wonderful gift to receive when coming on to this Earth! We need all the help we can get, right?!

If one chooses to continue journeying with their Power Animal, the potency of their presence becomes even more effective in navigating the many curve balls life can throw at us. In journey work, our Power Animal can reflect the things we may be blind to, what is and isn’t working in our lives, illuminate the gifts we came into this life with, and help us remember who we truly are and the infinite potential life holds. Would you like to meet yours?

Heather O’Connell of The Yew Tree Shamanic Healing

The Power Animal

Journey Workshop for Children and Adults

Saturday, October 12th

10:30am - 11:15am Ages 7-12 yrs - Cost $15

12pm - 3pm Adults (13 yrs and older) - Cost $45

In this highly experiential and fun class participants will learn the basics of shamanic journeying and embark on a drum journey to meet their Power Animal. Please note a parent or guardian is required for the children’s class.

Space accommodates up to 9 participants -

RSVP Required

contact Heather (707) 397-0018 - or visit -

to reserve your spot.

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