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  • By Jahnan Derso

First-Aid for Summer:

Natural Remedy Tips Presents

First-Aid for Summer: Your 5 Top Homeopathic Remedies for Success!

You are ready to head to the river this summer! Towel, bathing suit, snacks, water and then you grab your First-Aid Kit. What’s in your kit: maybe a few Band-Aids, herbal salve, sunscreen and a bottle of arnica? Well, here is a chance to boost up your First-Aid kit to make sure you are ready for what could potentially happen out there!

1. Cantharsis for sunburns

The first thing many think about is sunburn. Especially for people on the coast, the fog can be heavy, and we don’t always prepare for the sun exposure. If you do get burned, homeopathic enthusiasts turn to Cantharsis 200. You can take this every four hours until you are feeling better. Of course, you can use this alongside topical aloe vera or lavender essential oil, which are also good ones. The addition of the homeopathic remedy will help you heal faster.

2. Apis melfica for bug bites

The second thing that seems to happen is bug bites. Depending on where you are at, it can be mosquitoes, flies or even bees. Once they’ve bitten and it causes a red raised welt, Apis 200 is the remedy to turn to for help. This remedy can be used in faster succession in the beginning; in a mild case, you can stick to once every 4 hours. I do use herbal salve or even basil essential oil topically to help it feel better, but again, the homeopathic remedy goes to the root and eradicates the filth that bug just deposited into your blood!

3. BioPlasma after a long day in the sun

Often, a long day in the sun can make you feel slightly weak and dehydrated. For this feeling you can turn to BioPlasma. It is a combination of all Twelve Cell Salts. This remedy, along with a good electrolyte drink, will help you get your energy back!

4. Ledum for tick bites

Did you go for a hike and pick up some unfriendly guests? After spending time in the woods or meadows it’s wise to double-check yourself for any ticks. If you do happen to find one, pull it off carefully (people have many opinions about the best method). I like to clean it well with Thieves essential oil. In order to prevent disease in your blood, Ledum 200 is the remedy. It can be used every 3 hours the first day, then twice a day for a week, and slowly weaned off.

5. Anacardium for poison oak

Most people turn to the wrong remedy for this one. Homeopathy literally means “similar illness.” You don’t use the same remedy for the same illness; that is called isopathy. Instead, you use a similar remedy that in its initial form would create an illness that looks similar. Thus, using poison oak or ivy to treat an acute case of it, is isopathy and not the best remedy. If you are trying to use homeopathy for prophylactic use, then most people turn to Rhus Tox, which is poison ivy itself. However, the premier remedy for an acute case of poison oak, is Anacardium Orientale which is the cashew nut. You can use it in a 30 potency, three to four times a day until all symptoms are gone.

Want to Learn More?

Did these five remedies stir up your mind? Perhaps you are eager to learn more because there is so much more! There are other remedies to turn to in most of the cases listed above. If you want to continue to investigate this scientific, intelligent and natural medicine, then I invite you to join a Study Group, and we will dive deeper! The goal of this 8 class series is to empower you to use homeopathy with knowledge and confidence.

Jahnan Derso will be offering free

Introduction to

Practical Homeopathy


Monday, July 29th 7-8pm

Saturday, August 10th 11-12pm

At Wholistic Heartbeat

1660 Central Ave. McKinleyville

This free introductory class will help you get an overall understanding of many concepts with homeopathy such as:

  • History of homeopathy

  • What it is and how it’s made

  • What different potencies mean

  • How to take it with success for chronic illnesses and acute situations

  • How is Practical Homeopathy different from Classical Homeopathy

  • How to go deeper with your knowledge base in one of the Study Groups I teach, called Gateway to Homeopathy

The next Study Group starts in September! Please, come to a free introductory class to learn more information. You can also connect with me for a consultation if you are ready to get started today. For now, check out the above remedies to have a safer, healthier summer. Most of them are available at Eureka Natural Foods!

Jahnan Derso is a solutions-oriented Health Coach who steers her clients to potent holistic tools to solve their health issues naturally. Her consultations help people discover a new level of success within the natural health paradigm. She is also a Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner who works with women that are looking to conceive, currently pregnant, and post-partum womb healing. She shares her extensive knowledge on her website, Jahnan is now offering classes in Practical Homeopathy where she empowers participants with the knowledge of how to use homeopathy to remedy both acute and chronic health challenges. Please, contact her via email for more information:

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