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  • By Gay Harrison


We think we are born into this world alone, hoping we have a good family to look after and guide us. This is far from the truth!


Before we incarnate on earth, we go through what we would like to experience and learn with the help of our soul family. This soul group consists of our ancestors, family and friends. Some of them do not wish to incarnate with us at this time, but say they will guide us and be there for us from spirit. Essentially they are our guides. They can inspire us, guide us and influence us to a certain extent, but they cannot take away our free will.

We choose our family on earth for what they can do to give us the right environment for this life, whatever it may be. Most of our friends and family are part of our group soul, meaning that as a group we may interact with each other in different relationships from other incarnations, like a soul family.

Life is all about experiencing things, and our reactions to experiences. We chose some of these experiences before we incarnated, and some we create through our actions and thoughts.


As humankind generally is becoming more awakened spiritually, there is more awareness and curiosity about spirit guides. As we grow spiritually, we attract guides from a higher dimension in order to take us forward in our development. Conversely, this also means that people from a low spiritual vibration attract guides to them of the same frequency, as like attracts like. And there is no judgment being cast here. All vibrations come from the same creator and return.

Quite often, guides may be souls we have lived with in other incarnations, and I think the prevalence of Chinese or Native American guides may often be because we have had past lives with them. The prevalence is also possible in that the ancient Chinese are associated with wisdom, and Native Americans with a love of the earth.


The fact that people are becoming more aware and interested in having contact with their guides is wonderful. It is so reassuring to know loving and wise beings are surrounding us, but we are still entirely responsible for our own decisions. Because guides have no ego, they are totally unconcerned about us knowing their names, or even being able to see them. It is their energy signature that makes us aware of them, once we can tune into the energy.

It is perfectly possible to see them clairvoyantly if they wish to show themselves. It is my experience that they may introduce themselves at the beginning of one’s awareness, and then let us know they are around after that, in whatever way we may perceive them. Once we get to recognize their presence, it is lovely to be able to form a friendship with them. Know that when they are asked to work with us, they will never let us down, for like the universe, they have our best interest at heart.

We are never alone. Rather we are always surrounded by benevolent guides. You can learn to speak with them and listen for the answers. Guides communicate in many ways and will often communicate through symbols. These must be interpreted individually for no two people will have the same interpretation. Interpreting symbols is something entirely personal to you. Guides often speak through your intuition, so you can listen to it. You will soon find that they become an important, wonderful and necessary part of your life.

GAY will be coming all the way from England to host a Healing Workshop in February 27- March 1, 2020 at The Eagle House on 2nd & C in Eureka. Stay tuned for more details!

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