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  • By Christine Johnson

Breathing Life into Our Divine Selves

We all have the same basic human goals: happiness, glowing health, fulfillment, and understanding our lives and purpose on earth. To reach these goals, we must overcome our personal challenges: our pain, wounds, conflictions, distractions, confusions, doubts and fears. Admittedly, this is a monumental task! Truly, overcoming our personal challenges is the reason we chose to incarnate into our human lives. Additionally, at this point in history, time is accelerating; our deepest personal challenges are literally exposed from the murky depths that have hidden them from our awareness. Have heart! Life is not trying to make you feel crazy, overwhelmed and incapable. Quite the contrary. The personal challenges that we’re all experiencing are tender and sacred opportunities to shed old ways of thinking, believing, being and living so that we may step into, embody and evolve into our True selves - our Divine selves in human form.

It is sometimes difficult and overwhelming to see our personal challenges as opportunities, and even more, to know how to overcome them. There is no other person who knows how to overcome them or who knows your personal path. The most anyone can do for you is to point out different directions or show you options you may not have been aware of.

Finding Your Shoes

Our personal challenges are like a worn-out pair of shoes. They got us to where we are, they’re comfortable and familiar; but they are also tattered, ill-fitting and no longer serve us. We’d be better off barefoot! Letting go of the known and stepping into the mystery of the unknown can be quite uncomfortable and sometimes scary. Yet, here in the mystery of the unknown is where the treasure is! In the unknown there’s a fabulous pair of shoes that fit like they were made for you (because they were!) and make you feel like dancing! Or flying!

Thankfully, the solution to overcoming our personal challenges and evolving into our Divine selves is not far away, not too unknown. It is already inside us! The solution begins and ends with Self-Awareness.

Before we dive into how self-awareness leads us on the path to evolving into our Divine selves, it is helpful to know how the world works, that is, how we humble and Divine beings create the material world, whether we’re aware of it or not.

It’s Clear that We Live in an Interactive Universe.

Thanks to the advances in Quantum Physics, science is finally catching up to spiritual wisdom. Quantum Physics has shown that the world is an illusion, matter is not solid; it is energy vibrating at different frequencies. The world is newly created every moment, and our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations affect the Quantum Field, therefore, affecting the future world.

Life is an illusion. It is like a hologram, but instead of 2D light projected outwards, 3D matter is projected, creating the world as we know it. We are the projectors. Universal life-force energy flows through us. Whatever energies are inside us create the images of the world outside of us, and our experiences in the world.

We Hold so Many Energies on the Inside!

First, we hold our unique soul/spirit/vibration/essence. We hold our current life path, which was chosen before birth, imprinted on our soul and DNA, with the lessons, contracts and energies we incarnated to experience and master. We also hold our thoughts, beliefs, expectations and feelings. And finally, we hold whatever we focus our attention on (This may be the most powerful of all our internal energies. I will return to the power of focus shortly).

Humanity’s inner energies are creating the outside world. The final result of this, the world that is created, is the sum/total of all people’s inner energies. This explains why we don’t manifest everything we think about or believe. And it may also explain the 100th monkey phenomenon. Additionally, our inner energies are the lenses that we experience life through; they influence the perception of our experiences. This explains why 10 people witnessing the same external event have 10 different experiences or internal perceptions of the one event.

When we are unaware of how we create our world and our experiences from the inside, whatever energies are inside and surround us, shape our world and control our lives. Like a ship without sails, we are under the mercy of the prevailing forces. Being unaware, it’s unlikely that our ship will ever reach its destination—our Divine self.

Since our insides create the outside world, the most important thing we can do is focus on our internal energies, on what’s on the inside. And so, we arrive back at self-awareness. With consistent and focused self-awareness, comes the power to take control of our lives; to observe, accept and transmute what is inside; to receive guidance from our Higher Selves to navigate our ship to its Divine destination.

The Power of Focus

Physicists have found that a consistent focus of energy in one direction creates cohesive movement in the building blocks of matter (Plancks), which changes the physical properties of material things. Focused energy applied to water, air and light illustrate this principle. Think of still water vs. water moving in a tsunami; still air vs. air moving in a tornado; gentle light that nurtures a tiny seedling vs. focused light in a laser that cuts through steel. Focused energy can be life-enhancing or deadly.

Our focus is truly our greatest power! This is the underlying mechanism of the Law of Attraction. We are given free-will to focus on ANYTHING we choose. What we focus on becomes part of our internal vibration, and therefore is added to the forces of creation as life-force energy flows through us to create the world.

When we direct our focus on our internal energies—being present and self-aware—not only can we observe, accept and transmute what is inside, we can consciously direct our experiences to be in alignment with the Divine, becoming what we were born to be: our Divine selves, powerful co-creators of the world.

The Breath of Life Meditation

I was given this guidance in a meditation a few months ago. One way to become our Divine selves is by doing a simple breathing practice (that I call The Breath of Life), which can be done almost anytime, and will allow us to stay in our Divine alignment. I was also shown that the highest thing I can focus on while doing the breath practice is to love and appreciate the perfection of what is, allow whatever energy flows through me, release any internal tensions, and take any actions that I am guided to take while in this alignment.

Here’s an example of how it can work. One day, I knew that I would be encountering a person that I have a difficult relationship with. Before the encounter, I focused on my internal energies and found him to be at his worst: critical, negative and attacking. Even though this was overwhelming and repelling, I reached Divine alignment by doing The Breath of Life and was guided into how to best approach him. I was guided into facing him with cheer, happiness and focus on my actions in his presence. I followed my guidance, which influenced his energy. By the end of the encounter, we were laughing, light-hearted and relating to each other. It was a truly remarkable experience!

What is The Breath of Life?

We can’t live without breathing. It’s one of the foundational rhythms of life. Breathing is controlled by our autonomic nervous systems, that is, we don’t have to consciously breathe to stay alive. Yet, we are given the power to consciously control our breath. Since breathing is often automatic and unconscious, most often it is overlooked, taken for granted and unexamined.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, there is great power in conscious breathing. It is the foundation of many yogic and meditational practices because it brings an internal self-awareness, as opposed to our habitual mental awareness. And mental awareness is where our fears, doubts, distractions, confusions and conflictions reside.

The Breath of Life practice uses concentrated focus and intention to generate internal energetic movement that is in alignment with the Divine.

The Breath of Life is a specific type of breathing through the energetic pathway that runs through our bodies in perfect vertical alignment from the crown to the root chakras. The energetic pathway is known in different spiritual traditions as the Hara Line, Prana Tube, Sword of Archangel Michael, Sushuma, or Spiritual Current Column. I call this the Central Channel.

The Central Channel is in the shape of a narrow cylinder or tube. It allows us to receive Universal life-force energy (Chi/Qi, Prana, Manna) and to release energies that no longer serve us. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

With concentrated focus on The Breath of Life practice, the Central Channel expands at the top and bottom, transforming into an open column that connects Heaven (through your crown) and Earth (through your root), bringing these two frequencies into unification within your body. The Maya believe that unifying the Heaven and Earth frequencies is Humanity’s Purpose!

A Torus

When the Divine alignment frequency is reached during The Breath of Life practice, the vibration compresses the hollow column to a singular point in the center of a torus. A torus is a donut shaped electromagnetic field. It’s a circular ring of rotating energy that runs along the horizontal axis, has an opening through the central vertical axis and an equal balance of energy entering the top and exiting the bottom.

The torus may be one of the most important structures in the universe (I am only able to mention it briefly here). The torus is beginning to get the attention it deserves, thanks to the work of the physicists of the Resonance Science Foundation, Michael Tellinger, Drunvalo Melchizedek and others. The torus is the shape of Plancks- the building blocks of matter, and the same shape as the electromagnetic fields of our hearts and the human light-body, the Mer-Ka-Ba. I believe that the Mer-Ka-Ba is ignited when Divine alignment is reached.

If you’d like to learn more about the power and infinite uses of the Mer-Ka-Ba, and the technical workings of energy and sacred geometry, check out Drunvalo Melchizedek’s books, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes 1 and 2.

The Power of the Breath of Life

Not only does The Breath of Life practice allow us to receive Universal life-force energy, release energies that no longer serve us, unify the Heaven and Earth frequencies and get us into Divine alignment; it begins to heal us, connects us with our Higher Selves, increases our Cosmic Antennae for receiving amplified Divine energies, magnifies our energy for Divine co-creation, transforms us into self-sustaining generators that are impermeable to outside forces and connects us to the Cosmic Heartbeat of the Divine - the force that unites all beings in Oneness.

Doing The Breath of Life practice under ideal and meditative conditions is the most potent and powerful way to do the practice. But it can also be done nearly anytime and still bring self-awareness, presence and grounding to help you get more in alignment with the Divine.

Here are increasing signs that you’re engaging The Breath of Life and reaching towards Divine alignment:

* Your awareness turns inward

* Total body relaxation, while feeling held up in perfect alignment

* Mind chatter stops being the dominant awareness

* Your energy resonates with the rhythm of the breath

* Feeling energy releasing in your body or energy field

* Your energy increases

* Feeling stillness, harmony and inner peace

* Feeling the world fading into the distance: objective awareness vs. subjective awareness

Practicing The Breath of Life in Other Conditions

To continue practicing The Breath of Life, simply inhale down and exhale up through the Central Channel, putting as much focus as possible on the movement of energy through your body.

When done anytime outside of ideal conditions, the practice does lose some of its potency. Yet, it will always increase self-awareness, bring you closer to Divine alignment and nourish you with life-force energy, whenever it is done. And the more focus you can bring to the practice, the more your energy will be in Divine alignment.

Getting Started

I suggest starting this practice slowly and working your way up because we get about 12,000 opportunities a day to do The Breath of Life. A solid way to begin is in a Bookend. These are the quiet moments before starting your day and going to bed, with the Ideal Condition practice. Then, incorporate the Other Conditions practice during routine times throughout the day, such as exercising, cleaning, driving, using the bathroom, etc. Doing this will habituate you to focusing on self-awareness and acclimate your energy to being in Divine alignment making it easier for you to notice when you are out of alignment and to cue you to do The Breath of Life to get back in alignment.

Please note: The Breath of Life is especially helpful to use during times of stress and imbalance! The Breath of Life practice is flexible and accommodating. Try different things and change it to fit your life until you find what works best for you! It’s a deceivingly simple practice so it’s easy for our minds to minimize the significance and sacredness of it.

Just keep going!

Remember the Miracle that is inside You

Yes, with sustained focus on self-awareness, we can take control of our lives to observe, accept, embrace and transmute what is inside of us. Our Higher Selves will show us the way, step by step, to overcome our personal challenges and get aligned with our Divine selves in human form.

The Breath of Life practice focuses our awareness on the inside, grounds us into presence and brings our energy into Divine alignment, accelerating us on our paths to our Divine selves. Once we begin to live as our Divine selves, we will dance with what is and guide it into a new reality. There will be no striving, no desire; there will only be Divine guidance, eternal peace, effortless love for yourself and all others, amazement at our unlimited depth and power, and heart-bursting joy at the beauty and perfection of everything. I’ll meet you there.

The Breath of Life Practice

Close your eyes. Focus your awareness inside your body. Honor the sacredness of yourself and this practice.

Feel the Perfection of what is, including yourself! Feel grateful, for all you do in this sacred practice is notice sensations and breathe. Smile.

Sit with your spine as straight and tall as possible with your pelvis tucked under, as if you had a tail, you’d be sitting on it. Try to get your spine to the point where it feels supported from above, and effortless to maintain. Chin is slightly tucked in. Perfect body alignment supports Divine alignment of your internal energy.

Because this is such a simple practice, it’s easy for the mind to wander. If you’ve experienced a lot of mind-wandering while trying to meditate, do this practice standing with the spine and pelvis alignment, with your toes, ankles and knees locked together and bent as much as feels comfortable.

Release all tension that you feel in your body.

You’re ready to begin.

Breathe in, noticing the energy moving down, down, down the Central Channel, out your root, into the Earth.

Breathe out, noticing the energy moving up, up, up the Central Channel, out your crown, into the Heavens.

Breathe in, noticing the energy moving down the Central Channel, connecting you to the Heart of the Earth.

Breathe out, noticing the energy moving up the Central Channel, connecting you to the Cosmic Heart.

Breathe in, noticing the energy moving down, receiving life-force energy into your body.

Breathe out, noticing the energy moving up, releasing whatever is no longer needed.

Continue breathing in the vertical Central Channel, noticing the energy moving down on the in-breath and up on the out-breath, sensing the energy moving in whatever way works best for you.

Once you have reached Divine alignment, you are intimately connected to the Divine: your Higher Self. You can stay here marinating in the Divine if you wish, but this is the most helpful time to command energy. Do spiritual work such as asking questions, requesting assistance, manifesting, creating, connecting to Divine Guides or any other entity you wish, working out intentions, giving/receiving healing, or releasing difficult or disturbing energies.

Beginning Thursday July 25th from 1:00-2:00 pm I will be offering a weekly Breath Of Life Meditation, Held at Wholistic Heartbeat 1660 Central Ave, Suite A in Mckinleyville, Drop in, everyone is welcome. In this one-hour weekly meditation, we will deepen the understanding and use of the Breath of Life practice to bring peripheral energies into our center. This will ignite the heart that shines with courageous love, that has compassion and tenacious devotion to the cause that matters most- the quest to align with and embody our Divine selves in human form. Suggested Donation $5

Christine Johnson is a Certified and Insured Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner with energy work and massage training, and a BS in Marine Biology. She lovingly practices out of the Isis-Osiris Healing Temple in Arcata, at the Wholistic Heartbeat office in McKinleyville, a beautiful, private location in Eureka and can accommodate in-home sessions. To ensure access to everyone drawn to this powerful healing therapy, she offers sessions on a donation basis. Suggested donation $150-$400. Please feel free to call/text (707) 407-5050 or email to schedule sessions and ask questions. Thank you!

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