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  • By Carol Pridgeon

True Nature

Did you hear it too? That soft footstep outside the door. The tentative sort of footstep that sends little puffs of dust up that land softly back on the ground. Who could it be? What is it? It is too dark to see and I hear nothing. I wait. Another step. My heart starts to beat wildly as I imagine the danger lurking there. It feels as though that quiet footstep has always followed me, into my dreams, into my life.

I stay away from the windows? What would happen if I opened the door? I am too frightened to call out. What if someone answers in a voice that doesn’t sound natural, doesn’t sound human?

Clutching my crystal necklace for a protection that I don’t feel, I hesitantly start toward the front door. My legs feel as though they are made of rubber. I am amazed that I don’t collapse.

I manage to get to the door and slowly turn the handle. The door opens with a soft creaking sound. I look out. I see the night sky full of stars. Then I see a form that is hazy. It seems to shift with the gentle breeze. I can feel my throat tighten as I croak out, “Who is there?”

The form approaches, and as it does a sudden light is visible, radiating from the heart area. I back up in panic, away from the door…the figure still advances and suddenly my body relaxes and my mind quiets down.

“Who are you?” I ask. This time with more curiosity than fear.

I can see the figure now. It is a woman dressed in a flowing blue robe that weaves and shifts as she walks steadily toward me. She reaches out her hand. She is translucent. She looks familiar to me although I can not place her. Her fingers beckon to me to come closer. Her wrists hold bracelets that sparkle and wink at me. I look into her face and see peaceful compassion and love.

I hear her voice but it doesn’t come from her lips. “Come My child,” I hear. “You have been looking for me a while now. It is time to receive.”

Something is happening to my heart. It feels full of love. Tears are streaming down my face in recognition. I am sobbing as I reach toward her hand. When she takes my offered hand in hers I feel a vibrational shift. A coming Home. I receive.

“I am your true nature. You are not alone. You are one with all. Come and join your family.” With that invitation I awake and fall to the floor in humble gratitude, full of grace and full of love.

Original Art by Carol Pridgeon on the walls of her sweet home

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