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  • by Ashley Ross

What is the Breath of Life?

Franklyn Sills, co-director of the Karuna Institute of Craniosacral Biodynamics says; “the breath of life mediates the creative intention and connects what is created to the source of creation. When its presence is directly perceived, one’s heart opens and the incredible compassion present in all of creation is known.”

This healing force, when listened to in a safe and supported space, allows the whole being and their many layers of existence to unwind from various forms of trauma and imbalance in ways our human minds are incapable of “figuring out.” It is the ordering force of inherent health.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy rests on the principle that listening to the breath of life in a place of true stillness allows healing to happen from the deepest layers. With an appreciation of anatomy, the practitioner maintains spacious awareness and an open heart; what has been ignored or forgotten can easily be listened to and the natural healing process unfolds in whatever ways are most appropriate for the person on the table.

Try this: Wherever you are, relax into a comfortable position. Rest your body; rest your mind in a way that comes naturally to you. Now, allow an area of your body to come into awareness—it could be a tense spot that’s been bugging you or a completely random one that just emerges to the forefront. Maybe it’s your hands, or your left foot, or your right thigh.

Really allow this area of your body to consume your attention. You may gently place a hand there if it feels comfortable. Settle into a place of stillness for several moments. You may begin to feel subtle, yet dynamic movements that you are not initiating with your mind. Try to abstain from controlling these movements, and simply let them happen.

Perhaps your hand or foot or thigh seems to be swimming in its own ocean. Allow it to swim, and see where it takes you; you may be surprised by where you go together. When you feel ready, slowly bring your awareness back to your seat and note the ways you might feel different.

If you were able to detect these subtle, yet dynamic movements, you have caught a glimpse of the breath of life.

Ashley Ross is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, clinical herbalist and certified end of life specialist (CEOLS) with a background in massage therapy. Her passion is to foster empowerment over our own health and well-being through nature, intuition, trust in ourselves and others, and remembering who we are. To schedule a session, or for more information call or text: (703) 919-5736 or email: or visit

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