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  • By Amy Day

Here is something you can do.

Build a fire.

Invite your people to the woods to congregate around that flame.

Spread a table with delicious things, lovingly procured by hand.

Pour the water.

Pour the wine.

Put on your favorite stretchy pants and, after you tenderly exhaust the body, and regain the finger upon the pulse of your own great heart, your skin, and feel the muscles and wise sinews move about inside it all...

Fill your plate.

And your cup.

And gather by the burning wood.

Then sit inside the question:

What Obstacle am I

working with right now?

Holds hands.


Let the silence speak.

Then when the answer appears, insert yet another layer of inquiry:

And What Does It Want

to Reveal to Me?

(Ya know... What is the GOLD??????)

Take another deep breath and feel yourself supported by the circle around you.

The hands lightly but deftly clasping yours.

And by the earth, quite literally rising up to meet you.

Envision this Obstacle as a tiny stone or a great boulder, completely obstructing your way.

For now.

Cease to struggle.

Don’t push.

Don’t curse.

Don’t thrust your tender body into its impenetrable form.

For now.

Just sit & listen to it speak.

Lean into the stone.

Perhaps there inside its earthen, leaden form....

There is gold waiting to be revealed.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

Ganesh is the figure typically invoked

when we are attempting to move

through the difficult.

Too often, though, he's seen as this

mythic superhero figure who will come to miraculously blast away our every

obstacle and challenge, and magically

make the way clear.


But I have come to believe that invoking the energy of Ganesh

can also be a call

to Wisdom.

To self-learning and a new level of mastery (& humility) & strength, because at times, we are given challenges to grow us into our next


I bring in this info here as a way to help you look, from a soft & mythic lens,

out upon the landscape of your own hurdles and challenges right now.

The difficult is part of the process.

The struggle does not mean it isn't working.

The effort required to navigate this difficult portion of your world is DEEPLY VALUABLE.

And you are doing f*cking GREAT.

(Sometimes we need hear it, ya' know?)

May I invite you to sit

with the questions.

To not be hasty and race

toward an answer.

To stay playful, sweet and observant inside whatever space you are in.

As always,

I come from a

place of wanting

to Deepen...

to walk further into the Mystery...

and to collectively, individually, and whole-fucking-heartedly! -

work toward

releasing that

which is no longer working - that which is un-just,


un-useful or simply

TOO HEAVY to carry any more.

So that we are ready - hands open

- heart woke - to step into the work

to which we are called.

yours along the path,



Amy Day is a longtime yogi, writer, herbalist, mama & lover of all things creative. She believes in crafting practices & communities which supports us inside this Life right now. In creating rituals and relationships that liberate, activate & sustain us. She works with groups and individuals that are hungry for transformation. The type that shows up not just on the cellular or soul level - but that ripples into the world beyond.

Through her work as a teacher, podcaster, healer, storyteller, et. al. she hopes to inspire us all to use the mighty tools we all possess - to craft the type of world we wish to inhabit.

One faltering & bless-ed step at a time. You can find out more about her, and the work she does over at

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