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  • by Juna Berry Madrone

Playing in Dreamtime

Dreams span the divide between our waking moments and the roughly one third of our life that is spent submerged in another consciousness. Here we use the The Star Tarot by creatrix Cathy McClellan to elevate our awareness and open our heart centers through intentional dreaming.

Published a little over a year ago, but years in the making, this deck is a triumph in every sense. It is visually stunning. Its rich symbolism makes it easily accessible to beginning and experienced readers alike.

Sleepers Awake!:

16. The Tower

‘Sudden Awakening’

The paradoxical appearance of ‘Sudden Awakening’ alerts us that our aim here is not dreaming as usual. We do not dream to forget, or to seek oblivion, or to rest. We are setting the intention to incubate a dream that has the power to awaken us into greater awareness and to bring healing to ourselves, our community, and our earth.

What physical preparations can support the creation of our dream temple? In ancient Greece actual temples existed that were dedicated to healer gods who had the power to cure supplicants with sleep and sacred dreams. People might travel for hundreds of miles and participate in fasting and purification rituals.

In our own way, we can set the foundation for transformative dreaming. We may be aware of nearby sacred sites or powerful energy vortices that we can travel to. Our own sleeping space, though, can easily be transformed through a few ritual actions.

Ritual preparations can begin with our meal. Have a light meal. Avoid processed foods, fats, sugar and alcohol. Enjoy a cup of mugwort or chamomile tea. Let house mates or bed mates know that this is a special time for you so that they can support you. Do not get overstimulated by social media, movies, or arguments.

Clean the sleeping chamber of clutter. Remove or unplug computers and phones. Place a special cloth or cover on your bed. Prepare and wear fresh bed linens and bed clothes and tie a piece of yarn on our wrist.

Our sense of smell has the power to directly connected us to Spirit, so use fresh flowers or incense. Take a nice hot bath.

We are straddling two worlds here: the world of physicality and consciousness, and the dream world. These preparations support this bridging.

Finally, expect an actual awakening. Be prepared to record your dream—with a sound recorder, or journal—whatever works. Dreams can quickly fade from memory.

Relax. Feel no pressure. Approach this with a light and playful heart. If a dream does not come on first attempt, then try again another day.

Dreams are not made to put us to sleep, but to awaken us.

― Ed Viesturs,\No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World’s 14 Highest Peaks

Beautiful Dreamers:

Queen of Swords

‘The Goddess of Air’

We invoke the attributes of the Norse Goddess Skadi of Norway whose dominion is the North Wind of Winter. Strive to dream as community and for community. As ‘Mother of Ideas’ she brings a freshening clarity to our dream play.

A powerful force and an agent of transformation, the Queen of Swords cuts to the chase bringing inner wisdom and keen communication. As we search for the meaning and the healing in our dream work with others, we can fruitfully employ respect, honor, clarity and good listening skills.

Discipline and organization allow for productive dream sharing. We may be part of a dream group of long standing, we may wish to join an online dream group, or we may wish to enlist a few trusted friends or interested acquaintances to share our dreams with. After giving our full attention—without interruption—to listening or reading about a friend’s dream, we then employ the phrase ‘In my dream of this dream …’ to offer feedback. This a respectful way to allow the dreamer to remain sovereign.

Another way of ‘catching’ the meaning in our dreams is our mental interaction with the various characters who appear in our dreamscapes. Different actions and responses in the same dream from different characters each portray some truth about ourselves.

Dreams about other people may give us clues as to the need for healing or how to facilitate that healing. When we have a prayerful and compassionate heart approach, we can receive important information for others through our dreams.

We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.

— S. Kelley Harrell, M. Div. Gift of the Dreamtime

In My Dream of This Dream:

3. Empress

‘The Creation’

Here is an authority sourced in the heart of the mother. The Empress asks us to open our hearts to self understanding and the understanding of others. She connects us to a sovereignty that is sourced within.

By connecting to the Mother aspect of God/dess, we bring a new element into our dream play. Prayers to support the dream process and prayers to process a ‘big’ or difficult dream can both bring great results. We are connecting with maternal love, tenderness and healing. Also the color indigo governs the dream world. While praying, envision a waterfall of indigo light pouring over our head.

The key to getting good results is the emotion that we put into our prayer. We are begging for the Divine Mother’s mercy to enlighten us. An analogy is that it is the baby’s cry that can stimulate a nursing mother to ‘let down’ her milk.

Disturbing dreams are best processed by finding three friends with whom to share the dream as soon as possible. These friends can listen supportively and then pray for our healing and give us a big hug.

I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.

— Harvey Fierstein

I Have a Dream:

Six of Cups


Playing in dream time can support the movement of our awakening hearts into compassion and emotional healing. Light is flooding on to our planet right now blatantly exposing shadow sides in governments, systems, communities, and our own souls. It is a challenge to respond to all of this with compassion and forgiveness.

When we surrender ourselves to our dreams with prayerful intentionality, we lay the foundation for direct or indirect healing to come to us. Intentional dreaming opens us up to an unfocused and uncontrolled meditation. Contemplation of our exposed inner world by sitting with our dreams may bring us signs and prophetic thoughts.

We can use the Tarot to open up the healing messages in our dreams. Make a list of key actions, themes, and characters in a big dream. Create sacred space and state an intention before shuffling and laying out a card for each item on the list. Live with these cards in their respective positions for about a week as we carry the energy of the dream around with us. Insight and healing can meet us in this space.

The wonders of life ... you and I are the light! Seek within ... there is no one to fight … love is all … we are one … concentrate on bringing forth your sight ... breathe deep … the universe is waiting for you divine ones.

― Sereda Aleta Dailey, The Oracle of Poetic Wisdom

Juna Berry Madrone, Natural Mystic Guide, is a mystic and Goddess priestess residing on the sacred island of Bali, Indonesia. Her highly effective long distance play/work can support you through Dream Interpretation, Tarot, and spiritual psychotherapy. Call Juna at (541) 973-6030 and visit

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