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  • Greetings From Isis Heals

Welcome to the 15th Annual 2017 - 2018 Healing Arts Guide

Featuring Annie Parker’s bold, bright and beautiful original artwork Anacamptic on the cover.

Feel into the Heartbeat of Everything

Inhale the Beauty,

Exhale Love

Healing is about coming into relationship with the love that we already are. Every experience we have contains the opportunity to come closer to realizing and embodying the truth that we are love.

Every day, we are learning new ways to stay connected in the current of love that flows though every moment. That current of love actually lives within us, so really we are learning to stay connected at all times to our own selves. The more we do this, the more love we bring forth into our lives and on to the planet. Staying connected to the love that we are, heals us all.

And ... Love does heal. It lifts us up, opens us, melts the tightness inside and renders us soft and mutable; ready to be reshaped, rehydrated, renewed, and reborn. Nourishment is available to sustain us in even the most challenging of times.

Being liberated to share the love that we are: Kind words matter. Warm embraces heal, a sincere look, a thoughtful act, a loving intention, a willingness to extend ourself; all of these things can dramatically change the life of another. All of these are ways in which we share who we really are. We ripple out into the world and impact each other all the time. We don’t have to bare the professional title of “healer” to be one. Our everyday thoughts, words and deeds are powerfully influential in shaping this world into a reflection of our wholeness.

In these pages you will meet many wonderful people who are committed to creating more love and healing in the world though their lives and their work. We are blessed to live in a community with so many awake, enlivened, conscious people who want to share themselves with us in healing ways. Each of the healing arts practitioners in this guide offer some unique way of supporting you in the process of becoming the liberated being that you are. Our lives become easier, more graceful and loving, and our bodies more open and spacious as we unfold into our own essential nature.

So take your time and enjoy the journey through these pages. Meet the people who are skilled in supporting and baring witness to you as you grow and bloom; unfurl your wings and learn to soar on the currents of the love you create in the world by being your authentic self.

Our deepest gratitude and respect goes out to the healing arts practitioners. We thank you for seeing the value in all the inward searching, discerning, and fine tuning that goes into describing your work. Each of you participated in grounding the frequency of your practice and service into reality, with clarity and focus. You animate with your heart, with your presence, and with your work, the wholistic heartbeat of our community. And every one of you took the time, took the opportunity, and took the energy to refine yourself and your work through your contribution. Though it may seem like a personal act, we believe that this refinement process strengthens the community’s heart. We hope this has been a healing for you, and that you have been able to embody the greater clarity, self love, and maturity we see in your writing. This issue of the Isis Scrolls is indeed a colorful reflection of all our beauty, healing, practicality, and transformation.

And to our community, we hope you benefit and enjoy this offering. We invite you to keep a copy of this guide on-hand for personal reference, and to share with family or friends. Thank you for all of your support. We also wish to remind you that we are online at This issue will be easily accessible to you year-round in the Healing Arts Guide section of our website.



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