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Meet Peter Moore

Showcasing Your Community's Healing Arts Practitioners

This week we Meet Peter Moore


Classical Reichian Therapy

Peter Moore MFT

Ca Lic #MFT 23507

thirty-four years experience,

licensed twenty-nine

w(707) 442 7228w

The Energetic Healing Center

527 E Street Eureka, CA 95501

Now offering training and supervision to clinical professionals

On my clinician-oriented website you can see a description of the mindbody therapy developed by the pioneering researcher and clinician Wilhelm Reich. You will also discover the extent and depth of training I have received, unique on the North Coast. Not mentioned are further experiences of a more shamanic nature, such as many years of sweatlodge and annual hanblecyas near Wanbli, SD. By pursuing my own healing since 1980, I have refined inherent capacities to sense the multi-level energy flows through individuals, couples -- all matter. The refinement of perception and consciousness accelerates and deepens the healing journey. You might also be interested in some further facts! Ten years of Latin and nine of Greek (because I'm English- educated), some years as a Tiffany style glass artist, and a fanatic piano player of 'spontaneous compositions'. Therapy is held a minimum of once a week and can span many years, depending on interest. Life-changing healing requires consistency and commitment.

w(707) 442 7228w

Treatment for Individuals - Couples

Training, Supervision for Therapists

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