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  • - An Interview with Tal Shai

Heal Your Money Wounds with The Soul Movement Method®

The Soul Movement Method®

If you would like to experience The Soul Movement Method® for yourself, Tal will be facilitating

a workshop at the Isis Center in Arcata, California on *Sunday July 9th 2017 from noon -3:30.

To learn more and register, visit www.HealYourMoneyWounds,com

*If you missed this workshop you can still participate in Tal’s online offerings at or

Tal Shai occupies a unique and fascinating space at the crossroads of Business Coaching, Transpersonal Psychology, Family Constellations and Somatic Release Work. Her methodology, The Soul Movement Method®, is a unique blend of goal-oriented coaching processes, body-intelligence and psycho-spiritual modalities designed to help her clients clear hidden blocks, release ancestral entanglements and pinpoint the root cause of what holds them back from creating sustainable success in their business and life.

I initially met Tal near Jerusalem in 2006 at a professional training for leaders in the peace-building arena. At the time, we were both facilitating peace-building programs for Palestinians and Israelis. Tal had a brick and mortar psychotherapy practice, had just started her coaching certification training and was teaching and supervising students in a five-year program for transpersonal and body-centered psychotherapy. Prior to her psychotherapy training in the USA, which specialized in spiritual and depth psychology, she was already established as an integrative holistic practitioner. Her practice blended many of her skills as a professional reflexologist, massage therapist, aromatherapist, advanced Three-In-One Brain facilitator (muscle testing), hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer, a bag of tools accentuated by her own personal healing journey that transpired during her year and a half travel and living adventure in India, Nepal, Thailand and Taiwan.

I have since come to know Tal’s work intimately as a client, colleague and friend and continue to be impressed by her gifted ability to bridge the gap between the energetic-metaphysical realms and the physical world of money, business strategy and relationships. She has a unique way of facilitating deep energetic shifts and “soul movements” that culminate in felt, grounded and palpable results. I have experienced this first hand during my many sessions with her.

Since my relationship to money has been a core theme on my own healing journey, I am particularly curious to explore the topic of “money wounds” and how we might heal them with The Soul Movement Method®.

Anael: Tal, you work with many entrepreneurs, coaches and transformational facilitators who want to create substantial results in their income, business and life. I have always been impressed by your primary focus on doing the energetic work via your “Soul Movement Mapping® Sessions” to facilitate this. I can personally attest to the quantum shifts available through this work. Can you talk more about why this approach works?

Tal Shai: Absolutely. I will start by sharing a quote by the 13th century poet Rumi who wrote: “Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.” As a society, at least in western culture, there is a tendency to focus primarily on the branches—on the symptoms—rather than the roots that hold up and nourish the fruits. We all know that a rotten root simply cannot produce a healthy fruit and yet, when it comes to so-called practical matters in our business and finances, it is still culturally engrained within us to automatically look towards fixing or managing the visible aspects of what seems to be broken. We try on new strategies, look for advice from outside authorities and invest in yet another quick-fix program with a promise to get us out of our rut.

While there certainly is a season for all the above, no amount of strategy, outside advice, or step-by-step protocol can compensate for an entangled energetic field. Try planting the most life-giving seed in arid ground. It will never sprout! This explains why ten people sitting in the same mastermind program, working on similar projects, studying with the same teacher, and receiving the exact step-by-step guidance, often present with radically different results. I see this with clients everyday which is precisely why I lead with the energetic piece first.

Anael: So why do you think so many people still think the answer is out there? I know that when it comes to business decisions and financial matters, which are supposedly more serious and practical, the last place people tend to look is at their own energetic field.

Tal Shai: There is a folklore tale told in many traditions and conveyed in many variations of a man who loses his ring in the living room. He spends a long while searching for it to no avail. As a result, he proceeds to look outside, in the backyard. His wife, who sees the trajectory of his actions, asks: “My dear husband, you lost your ring in the living room! Why are you looking for it in the backyard?” Her husband answers: “The room is too dark and I can’t see very well. I came out to the backyard to look for my ring because there is so much more light out here.”

As entrepreneurs and business owners, myself included, we are culturally programmed to look for solutions to so-called real-world matters in places “where there is more light” – where things make more sense to our five-sensory ego – rather than where they actually reside. Our misguided focus, although temporarily gratifying to the survival part of our brain that manufactures a false sense of safety by engaging with what is known and recognizeable, actually keeps us looping, like a broken record, within an energetic imprint or movement that hinders our forward movement, actualization and growth.

Let me exemplify how our limited perspective might keep us searching for answers in all the wrong places and looping in a futile movement that will never lead us to the sustainable income, success and well-being we seek: A few years ago, while strolling with my three-year-old niece in the mall, she insisted I buy her a doll in one of the store displays. In my attempt to move her along, I automatically blurted out that I did not have any money. She, in turn, wisely pointed me in the direction of a nearby ATM machine, educating me in her three-year-old vocabulary that I could pull money out of this machine with the card she saw in my wallet. Having observed her parents repeat this action many times over, in her mind she was well versed in “where money comes from”. From her three-year-old perspective she was one hundred percent sure that the art of making money involved an ATM machine and a card. Although this picture of five-sensory truth was accurate by all appearances, it only portrayed the final process of an entire chain of actions and processes needed to generate income - processes that ranged anywhere from acquiring a valid ID card to having the know-how and skill- set to exchange services for money.

If, like my three-year-old niece, our level of awareness has us believe that “money comes out of a machine”, when one day money stops coming out, guess what we’ll want to fix? The so-called ATM machine of course! Without the awareness that there are other processes at play, we could potentially spend years looping in a futile cycle of trying to fix the golden egg rather than the goose that lays it, trying to save the fruit rather than tending to the roots!

One of the great benefits of working with a methodology that harnesses a larger field of consciousness is that we enter a fascinating process of discovering what we “don’t know that we don’t know”. As we open our energetic body and inner filters to more possibility, our energetic frequency expands and more opportunities organically ground “in” and “as” our reality. It is always beautiful to witness each person’s unique “felt” experience of this sacred process.

Anael: Can you share more specifically how you harness The Soul Movement Method® to help your clients heal their money wounds?

Tal Shai: From an energetic perspective, money serves as a potent gateway into a much larger, multi-layered territory within our own psyche and soul field™. Since both the manifestation of money and our healthy relationship to it are fruits or by-products of a healthy root system, healing our money wounds requires a deep-dive into the root cause of our wounding. The root cause includes anything from childhood conditioning, archetypal imprints to inherited multi-generational trauma, all of which cannot be accessed through linear-based modalities that depend primarily on the faculty of our mind to connect the dots.

This is where The Soul Movement Method® comes in. The Soul Movement Method® harnesses a larger field of consciousness—what I have coined the soul field™—to access core dynamics or movements that fuel our financial well being or lack thereof. I liken the soul field™ to a bowl of “all that is”, a bowl that holds the entire gamut of our soul memory throughout all time, allowing past, present and future soul trajectories to exist as one interconnected soup of “is-ness”. Essentially, if a soul memory were added to the soup yesterday (in the past) and yet again today (in the present), both memories would exist as part of the same soup. By the same token, if an ancestor seven generations back experienced unresolved trauma, that too would exist within the “energetic soup” that either feeds or detracts from our well-being.

The Soul Movement Method® provides a highly effective container to quickly and effectively access core wounds by activating our somatic intelligence and bypassing the conditioned rationale of our mind. Addressing core wounding is key to creating quantum shifts. In the same way that pulling on the core thread of a piece of fabric will unravel the entire piece, resolving a core money wound will organically unravel and resolve the more surface ones.

It is not uncommon for a client to experience quantum shifts relative to a specific issue in one or two sessions. That said, an integration and refinement process is crucial for these shifts to fully ground and manifest as sustainable results. For this reason, I no longer offer stand-alone sessions and only take on clients who are willing, eager and committed to move through an arc or journey of transformation. A journey allows us to move through thresholds-in- consciousness and address multiple layers that have held a pattern in place. That is when clients begin to feel the transformation and juicy results they came for.

Anael: Since you facilitate clearing of wounds that are also sourced in ancestral trauma or collective soul memory, does one need to believe in past lives or in a soul field™ for this methodology to work?

Tal Shai: Absolutely not! This methodology does not hinge on any particular belief system. Rather, it honors each person’s direct experience of soul as it shows up through their body intelligence. It bypasses the conditioned mind and facilitates a direct access to a more distilled truth within, a truth that transcends any particular belief system or cultural conditioning.

Anael: To conclude, would you be willing to share how a Soul Movement Mapping Session™ might differ from therapy?

Tal Shai: Each Soul Movement Mapping Session™ organizes itself around a specific intention or goal and is therefore solution-oriented. Since we cannot compartmentalize consciousness or separate our psychological structures from our soul memory, tending to as many aspects of our consciousness as we can is key to the clearing process. During a Soul Movement Mapping Session™ we tend to what shows up in direct correlation to the intention set. What shows up may be rooted in childhood conditioning, a collective archetype, ancestral wounding, a past life memory or even a future vision. We honor and tend to whatever is ready to reveal itself as a direct, felt experience in service to each person’s unique intention and soul trajectory.

Material that surfaces typically does so in response to a somatic trigger or inner movement rather than a function of “trying to remember or figure things out”. The nature of this work is somatic, radically non-judgmental and compassionate. It is sourced in a soul-centered worldview that life is a journey, not an event; that we are not broken, but rather “breaking open” in an evolutionary trajectory towards our highest actualization; that healing involves the application of love to those places that hurt the most; that we are powerful co-creators in this playground called life …and that as we master the process of co-creation, our life becomes a huge playground of exciting possibilities.

I like to think of The Soul Movement Method ® as a multi-dimensional homecoming to what Mary Oliver describes as “the soft animal of our body”(ie. our human nature) and our true self or soul essence (ie. our divine nature). When we learn to radically embrace and celebrate the entire spectrum of our human and divine experience alike, “heaven on earth” becomes a felt reality, not an illusory dream to be attained.

Tal Shai (M.A. Counseling Psychology) is a Psychotherapist turned Intuitive Business Coach and Founder of The Soul Movement Method®. She helps visionary entrepreneurs and transformational facilitators manifest a thriving lifestyle and business by harnessing The Soul Movement Method®, a somatic-based methodology designed to reveal hidden blocks, clear ancestral entanglements and access the root cause of what holds one back from authentic freedom in business and life.

Tal certifies coaches, therapists and holistic practitioners in The Soul Movement Method®, helping them add a powerful system to enhance and expand their own practice. She is also a certified therapist and supervisor with the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS).

Having studied, worked and lived in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA, she is a conscious global citizen who passionately serves her tribe from wherever she resides on this planet.

To learn more and Claim a FREE 6-Part Online Workshop: Soul Movements For Financial Freedom™, visit

Anael Harpaz is a peace practitioner, healer and Author of From Pieces To Peace and My Dream Pillow. Learn more about Anael and her offerings at

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