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  • By Christy Robertson

Ho' opono' pono


Ho’opono’ pono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is used to “make things right” with one’s self, family, gods, and ancestors.

In the modernized practice of ho’opono’pono developed by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, we are considered 100% responsible for everything we perceive. Therefore, when we perceive something as negative or unwanted, it is our responsibility to clear it. By clearing it from our own selves, it is also cleared from all existence. This practice is detailed in the book Zero Limits by Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale.

Ho ‘opono’ pono has many variations and different cleaning tools, but one of the most powerful and simple is the use of these four phrases:

I love you

I’m sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

It is important to note that we are not apologizing for any wrong doing, only for our participation in the creation of this thing that is seen as negative. We are saying sorry to the Creator, to our inner child, to the situation as a whole, to all of creation.

After attending training in Ho’ opono’ pono, I developed the following process through my work with clients to help heal old wounds brought on by specific events.

Ho’opono’ pono Process

for Clearing a Specific Event

Do One Round of “Ha Breathing”

Inhale for 7 counts, Hold for 7 counts, Exhale for 7 counts

(Repeat this cycle 7 times to complete one round)

  • Picture the Event that Has Caused You Suffering, Playing Like a Movie in Front of You

  • Make it small (the people should look about 6-12 inches tall) and surround it with a bubble of indigo light. Make sure that you see yourself there too if you were present when the event took place.

  • Use the 4 Phrases to Clear the Energy Surrounding this Event

  • Say “I love you” in turn to each person in the bubble including yourself.

  • Repeat this with “I’m Sorry,” “Please Forgive Me” and “Thank You.”

  • Now say all four phrases to the whole bubble.

  • End With Another Round of “Ha Breathing”

  • Repeat this process as often as needed until you feel neutral about the event.

Christy Robertson is a Reiki Master-Teacher. In addition to offering and teaching Reiki, she is available for spiritual counseling, massage and bodywork. You can contact her at 707-845-0238 or visit her website,

Photo credit: Deborah Linger - Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is home to Kilauea volcano, one of the most active volcanoes on earth.

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