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  • by Sabrina Ourania

Goddess Alchemy and how to Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

Divine Feminine

Goddess Alchemy is an erotic art and science aimed at awakening the Divine Feminine in every woman.

As women, we are innately erotic beings, deeply connected to the cycles of the Moon and the rhythms of Nature. The erotic is that sensual wisdom rooted deep within our feminine mysteries, in the power of our life-creating potential. When this connection to our erotic energy has been suppressed, inhibited, or taken from us, we can find ourselves out of alignment with our lower chakras, particularly our sacral center, and will inevitably experience menstrual, sexual, and emotional distress.

Simple enough, but what do we really mean when we say “awaken the Divine Feminine”? Is she Sleeping Beauty or what?

I am going to argue that yes, SHE, as in the archetypal feminine principle, conceived of as the erotic, as Nature, as your own soul, has been under a spell for centuries, and now Sleeping Beauty is trying to wake up. As a necessary and synchronistic evolution of life-unfolding, SHE is being called to awaken from her slumber and take her place as Queen. Her princessing days are over.

Did you know that in the earliest stories of Sleeping Beauty she was not kissed by the Prince, but raped and impregnated? The symbolism of the solar “hero” conquering and claiming the lunar Beauty is an apt metaphor for the patriarchy, the elevation of the rational mind over the heart, the ravaging of the Earth by humanity, rape culture, and so on. It also is a clear metaphor for the relationship between the masculine and feminine aspects within our own psyches.

Over time, the story as an expression of our evolution has shifted. In Disney’s retelling, she is only kissed (without consent) and rescued by her Prince Charming. More subtle than before, but something is still not right when a generation of women are still sleeping, waiting on a Prince Charming to awaken their bodies, their erotic natures.

Enter Goddess Alchemy.

The symbolism of this fairy tale is best interpreted as an alchemical marriage of our own inner masculine and feminine selves. There is a heroic prince in each of us, and his role is not to rescue our slumbering inner Beauty, but to kneel before her in service. Read: The conscious mind must humbly bow before the unconscious soul in surrender. Only then can the Divine Feminine within awaken, fully empowered. Only then can we experience the alchemical union of opposites and feel our wholeness.

The alchemy lies in being replenished though the embracing force of the erotic, opening us to the revelation of our personal power and joy, in other words, our Goddess nature. When we come to recognize ourself as whole and holy, we instinctively trust in our Feminine wisdom and no longer seek external validation from the masculine. We don’t need the prince to save us or kiss us awake! We are self-liberated. At the same time, we free ourselves from unhealthy attachments and give birth to healthier boundaries. We settle into feeling safe in the Universe and at home in our bodies. We are able to attract high vibrations of LOVE from all sides. In this, we become living attractors for abundance.


How I awakened my Sleeping Beauty and Discovered Goddess Alchemy

In my 20s, I was busy trying to build my self esteem through education. I graduated from college, became a certified yoga instructor, qigong teacher, Thai massage practitioner, and Reiki master. I also intensely studied Astrology on my own and through an online academy.

During this time I was struggling with depression, and then I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was so disconnected from my body that my period had stopped entirely. I wasn’t ovulating, and I was in a tremendous amount of pain. Feeling very unsatisfied with the treatment my conventional gynecologist recommended, I decided to get a master’s degree as a health and wellness coach and concentrate on hormone balance. Applying what I learned, I was able to heal myself completely of my PCOS and reclaim my cycle.

With my health condition behind me, I managed a small local health food store where I studied voraciously about nutrition and herbs, taught yoga classes, and facilitated monthly women’s gatherings and local retreats. But things still weren’t right. I still didn’t feel whole.

Then, just before my 30th birthday, during my Saturn Return, I left my abusive marriage and steady job to set out on a journey of liberation and self-love. Activated initially by an intense Kundalini experience, I had an awakening. Blessed with a strong community of sisterhood in my life, I developed a daily practice of self-love and a new connection to my erotic life-force, augmented by practices with yoni eggs and tantric breathing. Through this I was instilled with a new sense of my true Goddess nature and felt empowered enough to let go of that former life that was no longer serving me.

The planning of my first international Goddess Retreat was a huge wake-up call, as I realized that to do the work of holding space for Goddesses cultivation, I had to step fully into my power and leave that life that was hindering my own awakening. Through this I also discovered my life’s calling as a facilitator of liberation through personal transformation. I had experienced the magic of Goddess Alchemy!

How Can You Awaken Your Inner Sleeping Beauty?

By gathering together with women in sacred space to honor each other, the cycles of the Moon, and the cyclical nature of the healing journey, your forgotten connection to the Divine Feminine begins to stir from her slumber. By consciously cultivating a relationship to your moon-cycle and exploring your untapped creative center, you can begin to awaken to the erotic life-force of your Goddess power.

One of the most powerful tools for this awakening is in our lady landscape. Our yoni, womb, sacral chakra are the seat of this juicy power within. Connecting with her through tantric breathing, a yoni egg practice, herbal yoni steam therapy, and Mayan Abdominal Massage are some of the ways we can help awaken Beauty.

What if we could trust our inner wisdom enough to fully let go of all the shame, guilt, and negative beliefs that hold us back? How many of our menstrual, fertility, and reproductive health issues would be healed? How much of our depression, anxiety, and codependency could be lifted?

When we break the spell, we see that we are heiresses to the empowered and ecstatic life of a Goddess. These potent days demand that we wake up, that we no longer play the damsel in distress, hiding from our personal empowerment.

Sleeping Beauty Meditation

Find a comfortable place to lie down

Begin taking deep breaths. As you breathe in, feel the air filling up your womb space.

Imagine you are deeply asleep, that you have been slumbering for centuries. While you were dreaming, your kingdom has been suffering. War and destruction have devastated the countryside, because the mind has been left to run the kingdom without the counsel of the soul.

In your sleep you sense a presence nearing you. A man has entered your chamber, dressed like a prince. You recognize that the prince is you, the part of you that has been trying desperately to save the day, fighting through brambles and thorns, slaying dragons, all for you. As his eyes behold your sleeping face, they well up with tears and he falls to his knees.

You feel compassion for your princely self. He has been trying his best, but he needs you now. He needs the wisdom of your intuition. He needs the dreams that you carry of the future. He needs your love and compassion to save the day.

You begin to be aware of your body which has been frozen for ages. From deep within your womb you feel a stirring, like the opening of a portal between your thighs. The heat generated from the portal begins to melt your frigid limbs.

The portal is opening wider now as it begins drawing energy from the earth through the base of your spine and up towards your heart.

As your body warms, you begin to feel your heart beating in your chest. As the current of energy moves its way up your spine, you begin to feel restless. Your body wants to move!

Begin by gently wiggling your fingers and toes. Next allow your body to move and stretch in any way that feels good. As the energy moves its way into your throat and head, roll your head from side to side. Finally, your eyes flutter open.

Light radiates all around you now, entering through the portal between your legs, filling your heart space with light and shining out from your crown.

You are awake, and ready to claim your throne.

Sabrina Ourania is a menstrual, fertility, and reproductive-health coach, yoni yoga instructor, archetypal astrologer, and transformational retreat leader. She is founder of Goddess Alchemist, dedicated to the erotic art and science of invoking the Divine Feminine though myth, movement, massage, menstrual mysteries, and moon magic. Visit her website at or contact her at 513-463-3355.

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