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  • By Salina Rain

May - June 2019 Astrological Patterns


As May begins this year,Saturn—Teacher, Taskmaster, Lord of Time, has just crossed the Moon’s South Node, a point in space indicating where we’ve been, what has come to completionand what we need to release from the past that may be holding us back from the soul’s fulfillment. This event has major implications for all of everyone. Saturn’s most compelling questions for us are where have we been and where are we headed? This must be addressed before we can proceed with anything else or the results will be tremendous frustrations. Delays and roadblocks of all manner and form will raise anxiety levels exponentially in relation to how long we stall in getting to the point.

MAY 1stand 2nd

Adding to the quite focused and serious energetic patterns is a Mars-Saturn quincunx on May 1st,a tense and pressured aspect pushing for an adjustment in the direction we’re going and/or in the motivation behind our present actions. Goddess of Discord,Eris, a dwarf planet way out in the Oort Cloud beyond Pluto, makes her presence known quite distinctly now and over many turning points this year. She demands a commitment to finding our true place in life, to leaving situations, jobsand relationships that are not a good fit for who we are and who we’re becoming. Mercury the Communicator and Connecter joins Eris on the2ndto help us articulate the raw feelings of not being seen, heard or valued and the places in our lives where we feel that way. Good tacticsforthemost skillful use of this aspect is to engage in positive statements and proclamations, and affirmations of one’s intent above and beyond any feelings of doubt, fear or despair. Of course this has massive impact on the global situation as the mostly unseen and undervalued rise in an ongoing movement to be included.


We also begin May under a Dark Moon where letting go is always an important theme, magnifying the need for crucial endings. What are the sabotaging or weighed down thoughts, beliefs, contracts, agreements, methods and behaviors we need to unload? With the New Moon arriving on the 4th3:46 pm PDT at the 15th degree of Taurus,opportunities for beginning anew are even more substantial than usual for materializing what’s needed. The strong and stable presence of so many earth signs (Pluto, South Node, Uranus, Saturn, Sun, Moon) offer groundedness, practicality and persistence thatwe can use much to our benefit and to the benefit of our communities and our world. Mars quincunx Pluto at this lunation provides a driving energy,unearthing any hidden or unconscious motives and requiring precision in cutting away with the sword of truth whatever is out of synch with our deeper purposes. Discomfort, missteps and frustrations only grow with avoidance of this task.


On May 11th,Mars opposes the Galactic Center, theblack holeor dark riftIndigenous cultures globally saw as a place of creation and destruction—birth and death. This opposition activates ancient memory, helps us open to views other than our own and points us in a direction of greatest beneficial impactif we take the time to receive the download.


Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde through May and June,pulling us into the netherworlds more and more as we re-discover the larger reality we exist in. Neptune turns retrograde theend of June to reinforce the explorations and encounters in the unseen, numinous and ephemeral that may seem insubstantial,but are anything but. This dive into the very essence of things, ourselves, our worldand our universe over the coming months is important in re-orienting ourselves toward a saner and healthier experience for us and the world at large. What we face is a dying paradigm with the promoters of the old ways,fighting tooth and nail to retain the established order. The more we discover our own authentic self and the intentions made at the soul level when we incarnated,the easier therequisite, messytransition becomes.


The Full Moon on May 18th,at 28degreesof Scorpio brings to fruition something we’ve remained steadily committed to from last summer,as well as,the first stage of what was begun on the New Moon. A Venus-Uranus conjunction promises renewal and rejuvenation in self valuing and validating, finances, relationships and the more hands on, earthy forms of artistic expression. It can also send a wave of instability in the world economies as that area is in major flux over the next 7 years. Personally,wherever the late degrees of Scorpio fall in our charts is the area of life where this emotional and profound lunation is playing out. Sun and Mercury(Gemini’s ruler)both enter Gemini on the 21stfor an especially fresh breeze of mental lightness and laughter, with networking and socializing enhanced for the next 30 days.


A New Moon comes in on the 3rdof June at the 13thdegree of Gemini with Mercury, Traveler Between the Worlds, in the later degrees of that sign. Humor can be our major medicine now as the unwinding of centuries of false beliefs and brutal social structuring continue to unsettle our souls, not to mentionourbodies and minds. Awakening further to the need for each other in cooperation as we build community in new/old ways is what the mutable air sign supports. How we communicate is on the table for re-invention as we learn to “take the war out of our words” since building community cannot be done in the old paradigm model,where if I’m right you’re wrong. The air we breathe is another matter high on the list of problems we must face, while being gifted renewed energy for solutions. It is a good time for beginning new writing projects or starting the next phase of one already begun, and for putting together presentations, important gatherings or connecting with new allies.


Sun and Moon oppose on the 17thof Juneasthe 26thdegree of Gemini and Sagittarius align with the Galactic Center; Moon conjoined, Sun opposed. This brings more profound insights and consciousness expansion, re-igniting themes from way back in 2011-2012. An important moment in time as we approach Summer of 2019 with so much to clear away, unload and clarify between now and the beginning of 2020,when what we’re committed to is manifesting in much bigger ways.

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