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  • Karen Carrasco

2019, Year of the Yin Earth Pig


She began her debut on February 5th, 2019. The wonderful, sassy and enticingly luscious Pig year, at long last is here. The culminating12th sign in our Chinese zodiac, lazily strolling up to share her sensuous self. It is impossible to scold her for her slow pace. She is so charming and vivacious, you will soon realize you can relax along with her and take time to enjoy the life and beauty that your five senses bring to you. Ms. Pig just wants to get along with absolutely everyone in her world, no exceptions. She is wallowing in happiness when those around her are also content; so indulge her and yourself!


The Earth element of 2019 echoes the Pig's generosity as it coaxes everyone to settle in around a wide dinner table loaded with earthly delights. For dessert, we are served all of this in a sauce of yin, bringing our attention inward to all things soft, pliant, nurturing and deep. When you mix these ingredients all together, you have a delicious image of the year of the Yin Earth Pig.


Aren’t we so ready to bid farewell to the amazing Yang Earth Dog experience of 2018? Put down your hammers, shovels, brooms and pencils; trudging through the tedious work required of you is done for now. All of that dogged effort to deal with the bureaucratic, the technical, the in-your-face foundations of your livelihood, and the confrontational views of the wider world was hard work and you deserve a rest. Pull up a comfy seat and start to savor the feast of your accomplishments thus far.


Our accomplishments are many when we have seasoned our life experiences with the flavors of each of the eleven zodiac signs preceding the Pig, or Boar as some call it. A blending of the finest qualities of the other animals and elements, if fully digested, has salted and cured us into the well rounded, full-bodied meal that is the Earth Pig year.

The Pig’s ingredients are an astonishing list of goodness. She is strong, honest, diligent, courageous, generous, lenient, focused and forgiving. She will work tirelessly to bring about peace and friendship, yet does not overly self-sacrifice. If a person or project has become rigidly stuck in the mire of misery or defeat, she moves on with no harsh judgment or regrets for the effort spent. The Pig has plenty of vitality to spare and will quickly find fresh delicacies to savor. Life is an endless delight for this optimistic creature, who is puzzled by anyone that chooses a joyless alternative. “There is plenty for everyone if we all share,” she says, “and sharing is so much fun.”


Good fortune showers those who adopt this belief with the vibrant innocence of the Pig. All will be well as long as we practice moderation in expenditure and allow excessive passions to mellow, simmer and steep for awhile. While there is much work to be done in the larger society to bring this kind of comfort and well-being to all the systems of life, the plump, juicy seeds of a great humanitarian transformation are well planted in the fertile, nurturing soil of this Yin Earth Pig Year.

Ms. Pig sweetly urges, “Eat dessert first!” And be guilt free, because the treats offered this year are offered to all human psyches equally. Let the Yin Earth Pig infuse us with a trust in the benevolence of an eternally fruitful universe and a deep delight in our species’ incredible diversity of experience. When we serve up the very best of our True Selves to each other, without reservation, judgment or fear, we all enjoy the feast of Heaven on Earth.

Let us give thanks for our blessings and dig in!

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