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  • By Mari Wilson

Moon Cycle and Tarot Partnered Up for Manifesting!

For the last couple of years I have been working with the moon cycle and using Tarot cards at each phase of the cycle to build a practice of manifesting. Several adepts at this practice offer books and guidance, and there are groups online that work with these principles. I want to share some thoughts about it with you, and include a tidbit of new information that has been taken from a book that was recommended to me by our local healers, Jahnan Derso and Maya Cooper.

Basically, each New Moon occurs within a zodiac sign. As the full cycle of phases unfolds, the beautiful moon glides through each of the signs, offering an opportunity for us to see how our own natal chart is being touched and impacted. By using Tarot as a divination tool, we can go a bit deeper and glean out the wisdom the card is offering us, and whether it be encouragement to go with greater strength or caution to move with contemplation. The process allows us to begin the cycle by setting an intention, and then use each of the phases to nurture that intention into manifestation. Using a journal to keep track of the Tarot messages also gives us an additional tool to aid in meditation, contemplation and action.

Before the New Moon, be intentional. Decide what you would want to create and think of planting that intention like a seed. At the Crescent moon, see that seed taking root. At the Full Moon see it come to flower, and at the Last Quarter see the fruit that is produced. Using the Tarot to offer insight into the energy we have surrounding us and how our intention is energized by what surrounds us is a fun way to stay in tune with the cosmic turnings, connect ourselves to that rhythm, and gain sweet insight into our Tarot learnings.

As I write this, we are in the Aquarius lunar cycle, which began on February 4th with the New Moon. It’s not too late to play this game, so here are the rules:

Take your Tarot deck and select an intention, or seed card. Set it aside. Shuffle the deck and separate it into four stacks of cards.

From stack One take a card from the middle. This will be your Root (Crescent) card.

From stack Two take the card that is on top. This will be your Shoot (First Quarter) card.

From stack Three take the middle card. This will be the Flower (Full Moon) card.

From stack Four take the bottom card, this is the Fruit (Last Quarter) card.

Lay the five cards out in a pattern that resembles a circle, with the Seed card at the top, the Root card next to it, the Shoot card at ninety degrees from the Seed, the Flower directly opposite the Seed and the Fruit card opposite the Shoot. If you are familiar with the meaning of each card, apply that meaning to inform you how it will impact the completion of your intention, or use the associated guidebook that comes with most decks to give you insight. At the Balsamic moon (that last sliver of light before the moon goes dark for the next New Moon) you can select your next intention as you prepare for the next opportunity to manifest!

Now, for the book! The book titled, The Invisible Garment (30 Spiritual Principles that Weave the Fabric of Human Life) by Connie Kaplan was recommended to me by Maya. Although it is listed as being out of print I was able to obtain a copy from Amazon in two days. In this book, Kaplan details how the degree placement of each planet in the birth chart relates to a principle that guides us and creates this invisible garment.

I applied the information to this New Moon in Aquarius. And it was stunning. I could not NOT share it! It works like this:

The garment is constructed in the following priority:

Sun the primary life purpose

Moon the principle of mastery we bring into this life

As represents our personal ethic

Mercury represents how our personal mind communicates to the Cosmic Mind

Mars indicates how we relate to the body we inhabit

Venus represents our emotional body relationship

Jupiter supports luck and expansion

Uranus supports our uniqueness and authenticity

Saturn offers support for limitations in our perception

Neptune assigns our connection to group support

Pluto tells us our ultimate victory over life

Mid Heaven is our essential self

SO, for this New Moon the following statement sums up the garment principles (and I am planning to apply them for the entire year, since the Chinese New Year coincides with this New Moon).

The main purpose of this cycle (year) is to live TRANSFORMATION; TRANSFORMATION is the primary support in this project called life. GRATITUDE, SERVICE, RANDOMNESS and INNOCENCE create the personality through which this cycle will best express TRANSFORMATION. FOCUS, LOVE, TRANSFORMATION, TRANSFORMATION AND HARMONY are the Cosmic silent partners in this cycle (year). And on behalf of ECSTASY will the blessings of this cycle be delivered.

Alright, you need to know the full set of associations, so here they are:

0: Placement 15: Resistance (Transformation)

1: Innocence 16: Unity

2: Purity 17: Attraction

3: Memory 18: Focus

4: Beauty 19: Service

5: Extension 20: Gratitude

6: Regeneration 21: Harmony

7: Generosity 22: Dreaming

8: Goodness 23: Randomness

9: Awareness 24: Humility

10: Reciprocity 25: Desire

11: Flowering 26: Silence

12: Creativity 27: Peace

13: Intelligence 28: Love

14: Ecstasy 29: Movement

Of course the book offers wonderful deep details, and I am only teasing you with this tidbit. But, ain’t it something!?!

We are being cosmically energized for major transformation. The word for the principle is actually ‘resistance’, but when you read the description of the principle it is actually transformation, because it is resisting what is old and no longer functions.

With Venus in Capricorn this seems so wonderfully full of capability; we can transform what no longer works into something beautiful, delightful, sensual and nurturing. Let’s do it!

Love to all.

Healing Path Presents by donation

A Sidereal Circle for Turning Wheel of

Fortune with the Moon, Tarot & Astrology

The moon fascinates us with her changing cycles.

Tarot carries us into the arcane to teach us about our souls, our hearts and draws us into contemplation that can bring beautiful insights.

Astrology gives us a picture of our purpose, our gifts, our hardships and struggles.

  • Are you interested in learning more about our beautiful Luna, and her cycles?

  • How to use the cycles to set intention, plan, act and harvest your goals?

  • Would you like to understand more about Tarot, and how your energy is passed into the cards when you choose them?

  • To see how the energy and message of the Tarot informs you in the cycle of intention through harvest?

  • See how the movement of Luna within her cycles can be used to help in manifesting with intention?

  • Learn how planetary alignments impact and activate different houses in your natal chart?

If you said yes, then you may want to attend one of the introductory sessions I am offering about the blending of these mysteries.

An Introductory Class Offering

Monday July 22nd at 2:30 pm

at Wholistic Heartbeat

1660 Central Ave Suite A in McKinleyville

This introductory session will give an overview of how we will work as a circle of souls to set intentions, see our energy as it is found in Tarot and combine this with astrological energies to build a path toward creating our own life as we intend her to be.

Following this introductory session you will be able to decide if participation in this circle each month will be something you wish to continue. See full class description in the calendar online at

Contact Mari Wilson for more info


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