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Carol Pridgeon - On the Cover and On the Gallery Walls


Stop by during our Wellness Clinic every Monday from 10:00-12:30

or come to our Spotlight: Meet the Artist event featuring her on

Saturday, May 11th from 2:00-4:00 at

Wholistic Heartbeat, 1660 Central Ave, Suite A in McKinleyville.

Publisher’s Note: As we prepared to feature Carol’s art on this issue’s cover and to showcase it on the gallery walls of Wholistic Heartbeat in Mckinleyville, we were invited to her home to hand pick from her prolific and varied collection. Carol’s passion for art and beauty transcends the canvas and literally splashes over onto the very walls of her house. Colorful scenes come to life all around us. The flamingo and chick featured on the cover is actually a picture taken of her bathroom door! Her creativitiy is boundless, her heart is alive with her care for every being on this planet and her art is a tribute to the richness of life. -Maya

CAROL SHARES: Beauty inspires me to paint, and write poetry. It is so visceral it is hard to explain. However, I think we all feel it and then express it in our own unique ways. I started drawing as a child, as all children do. However, criticism from a schoolteacher and at home diminished my interest. I drew off and on as an adult, but it was upon sweet retirement that my art took off. I have always created art for my own pleasure as well as for my family and friends. Creating art has saved my life, literally, for which I am so grateful. It conveys for me what I don’t have the words to express. I hope my art helps you on your journey in some way.

I do commissioned work and sell originals as well as prints. Please contact me for more info.

707-444-2556 and 707-496-1980

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