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Rainbow Waterfall Chakra Tune In

This issue we turn the Spotlight on a more metaphysical aspect of bodywork, the chakras. There are many modalities that interact with this ancient, Hindu Yogic system. As we turn our eyes toward spring, a Chakra tune up is a bit like a spring cleaning for the spiritual body. Going within and seeing each chakra spinning and shining brightly can bring restored healing to the whole body and spirit.

For March and April, the mini sessions at the Wellness Clinic will focus on traditionel Polarity Therapy techniques. Polarity Therapy utilizes the chakra system as well as many other energetic currents in the spiritual body. I pay homage to my teacher Bruce Burger, who grounded me in my Polarity Therapy classes at Heartwood Institute in 2003. These methods have stayed with me and influenced all my bodywork.

For this head to toe healing session, I utilize the visualization technique of the water element cleansing while rotating each chakra allowing rainbow light to stream through the body. The reason why this is important is because when there is holding or unmeet need in a chakra, it prevents a person from moving up to the next chakra. These blockages can manifest as pain, disease, or general discomfort and ungroundedness.

Bruce Burger shares in his book Esoteric Anatomy:

“The more disturbed the flow of energy in the body, the more inefficiently the body functions. The body’s energies shift from their concentric flow around the ultrasonic core toward an increasingly eccentric motion. The intent of the Polarity practitioner is to assist the body’s re-establishment of concentric energy movement by releasing blocked energy in the body and guiding the client to do the same in all aspects of his or her life. Once blocks to this free flow are released, energy naturally returns to its source, whether in the body, in nature, or throughout the domain of consciousness.”

Find more about Bruce Burger at his website:

In order to grasp a better understanding of what is happening within your spiritual body, here is a basic layout of the chakra system. There are seven main chakras with Sanskrit names, but for the sake of simplicity we will refer to them by color.

1. Red Chakra – The root chakra is where the kundalini energy begins its journey up the spine. Sitting at the tip of the tailbone, the coccyx, we can extend a red chord down into the earth energy. Here lies the embodiment in groundedness of physiological needs of shelter, food and water. The root chakra is ruled by the element of earth and resonates with the tone Lam.

2. Orange Chakra – The pelvic bowl is home of creativity and sexuality and shines through a carnelian, orange hue. This sacral energy is ruled by the element of water and resonates with the tone Vam.

3. Yellow Chakra - Behind the navel, this is the luminescent home of the will. Golden light is reflected in the element of fire. The third chakra resonates with the tone Ram.

4. Green Chakra -The emerald green heart center allows for unconditional compassion for one’s self and then extends out to all beings. The forth chakra utilizes the air element and resonates with the tone Yam.

5. Blue Chakra – Speaking one’s truth comes through the fifth chakra, the area of the throat emanating a lapis lazuli light. It’s ruled by the element of ether and resonates with the tone Ham.

6. Purple Chakra – The third eye is where one houses knowledge of self. Filling with amethyst light, it is often referred to as the spiritual seeing eye. This sixth chakra resonates with the tone Krisham.

7. White Chakra – The crown, where one fully surrenders to the Divine Power, emanates a supreme white light and all the colors of the rainbow unify in oneness. The seventh chakra resonates with the tone OM.

Please come experience a 15-minute “Rainbow Waterfall Chakra Tune In” mini-session at our Wellness Clinic for March and April. Open to the community, our clinics are on a “drop in” basis, by donation, every Monday from 10am – 12:30 at Wholistic Heartbeat 1660 Central Avenue, McKinleyville. Healing Path, a DreamMaker Project sponsored by the Ink People, continues to offer you heart centered, accessible healing. See you there as we step into spring filled with rainbows!

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