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  • by Linda Joanne

The moon is my muse

The moon is my muse: On the Cover: i believe

2018 Moon Series - Fifth Moon Cycle

Aries new moon - scorpio full moon

I believe, i trust, i let go

acrylic pour with paint-over

By Linda Joanne

At this time of year, I am always looking for a new way to enhance my existing spiritual outlook within my daily life. I consider myself to have a nature-based expression of spirituality that focuses on creating relationships with the world around me, which includes the influences of the Sun, Moon, planets, and the elements.

The Moon has always pulled me in. For decades I have lived with a “We Moon” datebook close at hand. Ever curious about the Moon’s cycles, her shifting sky times and shape configurations, her influence on the tides and my emotions.

The Moon’s repeating 28 day journey seemed such a mindful way go through the year, one cycle at a time, to deepen my spiritual aspirations. I also wanted to incorporate art of some kind.

I have always said that my life must have an artistic ribbon running through it. Often this ribbon has been twisted to be very thin to accommodate a busy “doing-filled” life and yet there were always color pens to journal with, crayons for coloring with the grandkids, glue sticks, scissors and colored paper. Making an art project out of my spiritual exploring is like my birth-chart or a tarot path on the Tree of Life.

Everything seemed to come together in December, as the first Moon cycle was about to start. My husband encouraged me to join with thousands of people in the acrylic pour craze. During a pour the paints are spilled, tossed, or smashed on to the canvas, board, or glass. As you watch with amazement, the paints mix, bubble and create abstract designs. It is in the final stage of the painting, artists can manipulate the image and create their own unique style. No two paintings can be created to look exactly the same. We found this technique fun and an easy way to express ourselves.

I quickly expanded on this unique painting experience and explored bringing my spirituality into the material realm by painting images on to the pours after they had dried. Having my images rise from within these abstract designs brought me surprising joy.

So for 2018, The Moon became my guide, my muse. Each of the cycles inspired me to set an intention, hold that intention, and through her influences on my life, I created an image to represent that cycle. I found a method that divided the moon cycle into eight phases and a focus for each phase. Every four days I would focus on the next Moon phase and its affirmation, then reflected my feelings on to the painting that I kept in my sacred space. See Celebrating Life through the Moon’s Cycle on page 16 of this issue for more details about this method.

In March, I found a book that added even another layer and perfected my transformative Moon reflection, Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer, PhD. This book not only divided the Moon cycles into eight phases, but also added yin/yang aspects to each phase. The author also taught me how to create a well-developed intention. This made my Moon practice deepen.

I soon realized I often did not hold my intention all the way through the last phases of the Moon cycle. Before this new process, I had only celebrated the new Moon and the Full Moon. I had left out the all the gratitude and releasing phases. I also found that holding the intention in the yin phases and not “doing” anything for days was challenging. At times, I felt I would burst. Yet, sitting with this building energy turned out to be important and taught me so much about living in this world of force and form.

I feel that my relationship with the Moon has deepened over this last year. I lived within her cycles, learned how to set a transformative intention, traveled with it through all her phases and painted what I felt during the process.

From January through March 10th, you can view my 2018 Moon paintings at

Wholistic Heartbeat 1660 Central Ave. Suite A, McKinleyville

If you have any questions about my art or pour painting classes please contact me:

Linda Joanne


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