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  • by Linda Joanne

Celebrating Life Through the Moon Cycle

The Earth revolves around her own axis in one day. The Moon orbits the Earth in approximately 29 days. The Earth orbits around the Sun in one year. The relationship between the Sun, Moon and our planet Earth, influence every aspect of our lives. The Sun gives us light and is energetically seen as the masculine. The Moon, appearing in the introspective hours of the night, is seen more feminine in her perspective.

The Moon is the closest celestial body to our Earth. The Moon’s forces on the Earth are immense. Her forces create gravity, which influence all the fluids of this earth, including the tides of the world’s oceans, and those in our bodies . She is also credited with a woman’s ovulation cycle and patterns in both plant growth and animal migration.

It is this dance between the Sun, Moon and Earth that create the ever-changing shape of the Moon and when she can be seen. The alternating waxing and waning of the Moon’s cycles, when understood, can enhance and balance the way we choose to live our lives. Her influences during the 29 day cycle around our Earth remind us of the cycles of our life, and can offer us an inner guidance system into our own experiences. As the Sun/Moon angles change their reflection on to our Earth, we can divide the Moon cycle into eight phases, which can also reflect a gradual but distinct perceptual shift. The Moon changes her shape every 3.5 days introducing the next phase, giving us a clear delineation into the next phase of our life’s intentional manifestations.

I have found many different systems of adding affirmations to each phase, increasing meaning to my own moon phase recognition. We can use these repeating cycles, of birth, maturing and death, to inspire us as individuals to set an intention, refine the intention, follow it to fullness and then release it. A particular book that added even another layer and perfected my transformative moon reflection was Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer, PhD. This book not only divided the moon cycles into eight phases, but added yin/yang aspects to each phase, deepening the experience even more. The Yang aspect being the phases of action and the releasing of stored energy. The Yin phases are those of resting, relaxing and holding the building energy.

The following are the descriptions of the Moon Phases and a variety of possible influences that you may want to incorporate into your own Moon cycle celebration.

New Moon: (Yang Phase) The Sun and the Moon are aligned in the same direction.They rise together in the East. The Moon is invisible because it is hidden by the morning Sun’s brightness.

This is the “new” beginning. Rebirth. The cycle once more begins. Good time to set a new intention. Start a new project.

Waxing Crescent Moon: (Yin Phase) The Moon rises about midmorning and sets after sunset.

This rising, waxing energy brings rumination of your ideas. It may be time to relax into nurturing and supporting your intention or plans while sitting with the waxing energy.

Waxing First Quarter / Half Moon: (Yang Phase) The Moon rises about midday and sets about midnight. This is a period of growth, movement and action.

Waxing Gibbous Moon: (Yin Phase) The Moon rises just before sunset, setting just before dawn. Visible in a clear sky for the whole night.

This phase can be unbearable, holding the energy as it heads towards its maximum. Trust in the development. Re-evaluate your intention. Does it fit within what is developing?

Full Moon: (Yang Phase) The Sun, Earth and the Moon are aligned. The Sun and Moon are opposing each other, the Moon reflecting all of the Sun’s light. The Moon at her fullest, rises at sunset and sets at sunrise.

Ripeness, Illumination, Fulfillment, Move ahead in fruition. This can also be a time of course correction, there is still the waning phase ahead to work through presenting challenges.

Waning Gibbous Moon / Disseminating Moon : (Yin Phase) The Moon now begins to wane. Rising mid-evening and setting mid-morning.

This phase can bring looking within and reflection. Receiving in gratitude.

Waning Last Quarter / Half Moon: (Yang Phase) The Moon rises around midnight and sets around midday.

Transforming, sharing, and the beginning of release. Finishing up the project details missed before.

Waning Crescent / Balsamic Moon: (Yin Phase) The Moon rises before dawn and sets mid-afternoon. This is the very last sliver of the Moon and can be seen in the early hours of the morning.

A time to Reflect, Rest and Ready for the Reseeding. Give Thanks. Listen and Observe to what may be coming into your consciousness to be illuminated in your next moon cycle of growth.


From January through March 10th you can view Linda’s 2018 Moon paintings at Wholistic Heartbeat 1660 Central Ave. Suite A, McKinleyville

If you have any questions about her art or pour

painting classes please contact her at

707-834-1682 or


The Moon.

We’Moon Date Calendar

Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer, PhD.

Sacred Celebrations by Glennie Kindred

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