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  • By Art Zipperer


Last year three ghost cats that took up residence in my house, one after the other in succession. The first one was there for several months before I finally realized what was going on. There was a general unease about the place, as in what it feels like when a human earthbound spirit is present in the home. As one who has performed property clearings for many years I have encountered countless earthbound spirits but never really considered the spirits of the animal kingdom. My only experience in this vein was when my dog died and returned for the next two days to give me comfort before vanishing for good. In her case she was as tangible as any other corporal being.

This felt different. I performed thorough clearings off and on over several weeks but to no avail. The place still felt “off.” Occasionally, I would see small red dots of light, like eyes, on the bed momentarily while walking past the bedroom. Sometimes I’d get a glimpse of a cat walking down the hall toward MY cats dinner bowl or even curled up sleeping beside me. These incidents were so momentary that they only barely measured in awareness. My own cat acted disturbed, as he could see what we couldn’t and the ghost cat inhabited all his favorite places. Then one day while sitting on the bed I watched as footprints appeared on the blanket as an invisible cat walked along the bed, and came right to me. They stopped and I heard a loud thump as he jumped down to the floor. I thought to myself now there’s something you don’t see every day. I finally got it.

One ghost animal coming to live in my home was special enough but three was really something else. This gave me an opportunity to study this phenomenon over time and here is what I found. First of all, an animal spirit can become earthbound in much the same way as a human spirit in that a sudden, instant loss of life can result in the spirit not knowing the body is dead. It just keeps on going. As a dowser who works with helper spirits, I found that this particular cat was hit and killed by a car not far from where I live.

Animals behave in death as they did in life. During this time of inhabitation I would sometimes come home at night and see a transparent cat sitting by the front door waiting to be let in. He could walk through the door if he wanted, but still waited. Sometimes you can feel them brush by you as they rush in. You can hear them land solidly on the floor, meow loudly, purr and even do that “kneading” thing they do on your body.Also, at least with cats, their eyes don’t reflect light like the living. Instead what you see are two small bright red dots of light, sort of like tiny lasers. .

Human earthbound spirits need unhealthy negative energy to exist and are often coupled with ungrounded human emotion. That is primarily why one place is haunted and another is not. Negative energy radiated by geopathic stress is the primary culprit. Ungrounded human emotion is the stuff of battlefields, massacre sites, conflict, illness, suffering, etc. Earthbound animal spirits need none of this to survive. They are free to roam wherever they like. However, as a trapped spirit on this plane, I like to offer the spirit a transition to the other side.

A human spirit understands the concepts of an afterlife and can be communicated with in real time and transitioned directly, one on one if you will, or with the aid of other helping spirits. An animal isn’t going to get it unless you are a very gifted person in that regard. What I do is tell the animal if you want to go home be here tomorrow morning and I will help you. The next morning I’ll scan the house to see if the animal is present and if it is I perform a proper clearing on the whole house which transitions the spirit to its next destination as determined by the helping spirits I work with. Then I rebalance the energies in the house.

I was wondering why all these animal spirits came to me in the first place as it seemed so remarkably odd. I asked my helping spirits about this and was told my spirit animal brought them. A spirit animal, rather than an animal spirit, is a protecting spirit we all have, sometimes more than one. They may change as life goes on but mine has always been with me. I saw him once in ordinary reality and he was a sight to behold. I have been visiting a shaman recently and she verified much of what I have concluded. Apparently there were lessons I needed to learn and these cat spirits were in need of help so we helped each other.

Art Zipperer is the proprietor of Northwest Dowsing. For further reading please visit

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