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  • by Juna Berry Madrone

Vacation From My Vacation?

Modern life can be intense. We crave down time that is deeply relaxing for every part of our being. Sometimes we cram so much into our vacations, that we return to our normal lives in a state of exhaustion.

We are looking for guidance so that our vacation, whether it’s a weekend or several months long, can be a source of renewal. How can we ‘vacate’ the busyness that usually fills us? How can our recreation be a time of true leisure?

The Tarot of the Sephiroth by Josephine More and Jill Stockwell, and illustrated by Dan Staroff, will be our guide today. Let’s relax and allow these powerful gateways to the Sephirot, and pathways of the Tree of Life reveal ways to replenish our bodies, hearts, minds and souls as we draw four random cards.


Princess of Swords

This vacation, we can enjoy getting in touch with our bodies with a new awareness. The human body is a beautiful instrument upon which the Princess of Swords loves to play. Enjoy! This is a great time for sensual exploration. If we have a play partner, then open communication helps us to navigate unknown and deep waters.

Our imaginative minds delight in novelty. To effectively relax our bodies, a playful and fun approach will bring the best results. We enjoy functioning within systems. We may wish to browse for reading material about a new diet, or exercise regimen, that we can bring along with us on vacation.

Right action begins in our minds. If we are logically convinced of the merit of a certain course of action, we can make a commitment. To optimize our natural inclination to follow through and to get outside of our minds and into our bodies we will do best to set up a system for becoming re-acquainted with our inner Amazon that has lots of variety and fun rewards. This will keep us motivated and stimulated. Success is all about mental stimulation and fun, fun, fun!

Relax your body, and the rest of you will lighten up.

― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood


VI The Lovers

Three aspects of, “VI The Lovers” come to mind. At least one of these can bring each of us emotional contentment and fulfillment during this space in time that we have carved out.

The most fundamental meaning of this Major Arcana card is choice. Our ‘lover’ can be an actual person, or a passion, desire, career, or avocation. Freedom from the demands of daily life and business as usual allows us to tap into our deep desires and hidden wishes. We can take responsibility for proactively shifting our reality by identifying a core desire and setting intentions for engagement. Let’s joyfully galvanize our will. When we move forward towards our hearts’ desires, support and inspiration will rush to meet us.

If we are single and looking to change our relationship status, The Lovers signals that this vacation may be a time to manifest our partner. Reflect upon the nature of what has attracted us to partners in the past. If we have an unhealthy pattern, then this may yield valuable information. Objectively make a checklist about our most important “must haves” and “can’t stands”. Send this energy out into the universe and let it guide us in quickly evaluating the potential of any prospective partners we encounter. Relax. Don’t try too hard. Just the right person may be inspired to find us right where we are.

Thirdly, the snake that twists around the central column is a symbol of the senses. Down time helps us to deeply relax our bodies and gives us the leisure time to play. Self-pleasuring helps us to learn more about our own bodies and brings emotional satisfaction. A stronger sexual connection with a partner can build deeper intimacy.

What a miracle, that all we have to do to be beautifully loving creatures is just relax and allow.

― Jay Michaelson, Evolving Dharma: Meditation, Buddhism,

and the Next Generation of Enlightenment

Mind -

XVII The Star

XVII The Star promises true mental relief. We are entering a time of calm mental energy and balance. The relaxed nude figure posed at poolside is a metaphor for a mind that is unencumbered by the demands of normal life. The universe is giving us some time out. We are free to enjoy the now moment without thinking about work, or the demands of home life.

A spaciousness of time opens up. We have the freedom to be comfortable with who we are without needing to cloak ourselves to meet someone else’s expectation. There is no sense of urgency. If we can avoid scheduling activities to the hilt, we can relax and play. This is a great time for a little creative experimentation — perhaps we can take a class or two in something we are drawn to but don’t have to feel goal oriented about. The Star supports a pure flow of creative expression.

Venus, the Morning Star, brings feelings of rejuvenation and rebirth. The energy of this card is unreservedly positive and optimistic and brings an abundance of ideas. By keeping a positive mental attitude and meditating, surprising solutions to problems may just drift into our mind.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

― Joey Reiman Thinking for a Living

Soul -

Nine of Cups

A deep feeling of emotional contentment and satisfaction characterizes the Nine of Cups. We have run the emotional gauntlet of ups and downs. There have been opportunities where we gave generously in service to community, friends and family. Now our spiritual lesson is simply to settle down into some guilt-free enjoyment.

The Nine of Cups signals partaking of the finer things of life with some well deserved indulgence. We have matured and are comfortable treating ourselves to the finer things in life. i.e. special food and drink; cultural experiences, relaxation in beauty, and luxury to the degree that we can comfortably afford.

Our rush free circumstances allow us to deeply savor and appreciate what life is presenting to us in the moment. This is a perfect time to renew, or refine our gratitude practice. As we begin or end each day, we can vocalize those things that we feel most grateful for. Gratitude is a pure emotion that can register as high as 900 on the Scale of Consciousness. A regular gratitude practice can greatly elevate our emotional vibration.

An interesting twist on gratitude is to, at some point in the day, hone in one little (or big) issue that is tugging downward on our bliss. Perhaps we made a remark that we regret or someone else’s behavior disturbs us. How can we find a way to convert this to a source of enlightenment and blessing? When we turn it this way and that in the light of curiosity and non-judgment we may find valuable insights.

Sometimes you do not find because you seek too much. Relax. There is so much more than you even dream of. You know only a small, finite corner of the vast, limitless, unknown domain called life. There is so little you can do.

― Vikram Joshi, The Alchemy Of The Soul

Card images from the deck Tarot of the Sephiroth are used with permission — copyright Dan Staff.

Juna Berry Madrone, Natural Mystic Guide, is a mystic and Goddess priestess residing on the sacred island of Bali, Indonesia. Her highly effective long distance work/play can support you through Tarot, spiritual psychotherapy, and transformative ritual. Call Juna at (541) 973-6030 and visit

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