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  • By Christine Johnson

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

I had never been interested in hypnotherapy, personally or professionally, until about a year ago when I first learned about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), a new form of hypnotherapy that was pioneered and developed by research forerunner Delores Cannon. I was in my senior year at Humboldt State University, taking Kerri Maloy’s Native American U.S. History class, and the videos that we had to watch for class brought me through the rabbit hole to Delores. I found many of her videos on YouTube, where she was sharing amazing historical and esoteric informationfrom her books, which completely resonated with me. Later I learned this information came from her QHHT sessions. Additionally, I learned that QHHT was generating miraculous healing in Delores and her students. I was enchanted by the wonderful possibilities for exploration and healing with this therapy, and as soon as I graduated last May, I took the QHHT practitioner course. I absolutely love this work, and I want to share some of the fascinating perspectives that I have learned through this amazing therapy.

It is called the healing technique of the future by Russian doctors and scientists, as the technique can heal almost any condition or individual and is uniquely tailored to the needs of the client. This technique is the only form of hypnotherapy that has built-in safeguards that keep the client in control of the session and safe. QHHT operates through the theta brainwave state, the frequency of our brains as we wake up and fall sleep. Additionally, it’s the only therapy I’m aware of that connects you directly and consciously to your Higher Self (HS = soul + Source of all Knowledge and Healing), the part of you that knowseverything because it is multidimensional and exists outside of the third dimension. Finally, QHHT can produce *science-defyinghealing in one session. I will explain how this is possible from a mostly esoteric perspective. (*current mainstream scientific paradigm that has not included Quantum Physics)

An Ideal Life - All souls develop an evolution plan before beginning a life, which is the intended path for the soul’s lessons and development, and the goal of the life. We are assisted by wise guides that understand individual challenges and limitations and know that once we incarnate into a body on earth, the third dimensional veil removes pre-life memories, making it difficult to stay in touch with the soul. Therefore, we are equipped with a heavenly communication system that gives us constant guidance from our HS throughout our lives. Therefore, if we can stay in touch with our HS and follow our path, we achieve our goal and feel fulfilled in our lives. Even though there are still challenges when we are living our path, we feel more enlivened, guided and persistent in solving problems.

The Source of All Problems - Conversely, when we are not able to listen to or hear the messages from our HS, we experience unending and increasing problems in our lives. This is because the HS messages do not reach their target and get stuck in our bodies. Over time the unreceived messages accumulate, densify and ultimately produce physical symptoms. Quantum Physics explains how this is possible, how an information blockage can produce physical effects, (i.e. The world is only composed of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Solid matter is simply energy vibrating at very low frequencies). The symptoms begin as discomfort, increase to the degree that the messages are unreceived and can only be resolved when the messages are received, understood and followed. The symptoms are trying to get our attention and will go to the extreme if necessary, from severe illnesses to major accidents and injuries. Interestingly, QHHT has found that when a person receives and acts on an important message from their HS, the associated symptom goes away instantly. I love that Quantum Physics explains how QHHT has produced miracles.

So Easy to Have Problems- Staying in touch with the wisdom of our HS is extremely difficult. From the moment we’re born, external influences vie for our attention and focus. Additionally, it is difficult to decipher messages from our HS from the voice of our conscious self/ego, as they usually are delivered to us in the same form and the distinguishing factor can be quite subtle. To further challenge us, after the messages are heard, understanding, accepting and following the messages takes courage, perseverance and surrender to the Divine- qualities of heroes and saints! Thus, only the most powerful creator souls may incarnate upon earth. The challenges of earthly lives are great, and the rewards are greater, since souls massively increase their evolution by incarnating and learning earthly lessons.

Because it is so difficult to get and stay in touch with our HS, QHHT can be a powerful ally. It is a direct and reliable method to access the purest dimensionof ourselves. When we stay in touch with our HS and follow the guidance we receive, we live our life’s purpose, get our questions answered, enjoy perfect health and more. This is what all beings desire and someday will achieve—our Divine birthright.

Christine Johnson is a QHHT practitioner with massage therapy and energy work training, mother of three, and has her BS in marine biology. As a practitioner, I learn about your current life and challenges, guide you through other lives, connect to your HS, facilitate your healing, ask your questions, help you receive your soul’s messages with compassion and grace, and teach you how you can stay in touch with your HS. Sessions are a minimum of four hours due to the in-depth nature of this therapy. In home sessions are available. To schedule a session, or for more information call or text: (707) 407-5050 or email:

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