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  • By Rita Elkenburg-Austin


Living With a Psychic Medium

From the January/February 2015 Isis Scrolls

I am a lawyer and I am married to a psychic. Years ago, when my family first met Jesse they thought he was crazy; they love him now.

I met Jesse Austin in the dark. I had broken up with my boyfriend ,and I was going to college but living with my family in Santa Rosa. Dejected, I found myself walking—wandering really—nearly every night after dinner. One evening I passed a young man wearing white and carrying a tennis racket. It was too dark to see his face. I mumbled a nearly weepy hello and continued. “You’ll meet someone else,” he called to me in a soft voice. I’m Italian and French so I have a hot temper. How dare this stranger talk about my private affairs; I stopped and called him out. “Who am I going to meet?” I demanded.

He smiled, paused, and then said, “A tennis player.”

“You?” I asked.

“I guess so,” he laughed. That’s how it started. We were young and things happened really fast for us. Within a year we were married.

At the time, Jesse was a young phenom quantum physicist at Princeton. He’d gotten his doctorate at 24 and presented his controversial white paper, ‘Theory of Minute Black Holes,’ to an international group of science notables in 1978. I was deliriously happy in our modest home near the campus. With Jesse’s support, I started law school at Princeton, graduated and interned with New Jersey Senator Wilma Reedpickle. During that time Jesse wrote and published his book, Quantum Physics as Salvation. In it, Jesse postulated the theory of ‘Simultaneous Time’ which was becoming hot in the cutting-edge international science world during the eighties. And Jesse’s famous book also brought the topic within reach of the general public.

When our first daughter, Rachael, was born, Jesse started seeing dead people again (when he was a little boy Jesse enjoyed conversations with a departed great grandfather known in his family as General Graves—someone who had died long before Jesse’s birth in 1945). Jesse’s grandmother had been a psychic who did readings and, even though Jesse was a scientist, when the departed entities started their visits, he explored. He found that dead entities were usually attached to a living person and acted as guides or angels. Jesse did scores of readings for folks, keeping careful records.

When he published his results in the book, Why I Listen to the Dead, Princeton and the scientific community harshly decried his psychic gifts, research procedures, and documented findings. Jesse’s second education (psychic studies) had started, as he later said in various interviews in the publications Science Forum Magazine, and Psychic News and Views Quarterly.

Eventually, Jesse grew tired of both the confines of scientific thinking and Princeton University itself. He resigned and we moved to Santa Cruz. We had two more daughters and Jesse became both a practicing psychic medium and a stay-at-home dad. This allowed me, to my great joy, to open my first law office. When people ask me what it’s like to live with Jesse, a psychic, I always say it’s wonderful. He knows, almost before I do, my next dream, my next challenge, and the dark things I am avoiding (this is not always so pleasant, of course). And he is really good, when I can get him to do it, in helping me decide which jurors to pick for trial.

Jesse does wonderful, highly effective private readings. But his joy is in presenting his love of angels and guides to groups of people. During these presentations he is both in and out of trance. Out of trance, Jesse is entertaining, a little silly (I think he would admit), and often quietly hilarious; he is fun. In trance, he is like a window, allowing all sorts of departed spirits and profound ideas to pass through. In trance Jesse is transcendental.

However, on vacations, Jesse is an idiot. First off, he doesn’t want to go. When we finally get to our foreign destination he immediately manages to get us lost, but of course there is no ‘lost’ for a psychic. Via Jesse’s bumblings and his own ‘inner’ map we have met any number of amazing folks and stayed in their homes (New Zealand), hovels (China), and castles (Spain) all over the world. Wow!

Photo: Jesse and Rita touring New Zealand, Christmas 2013

Editor’s Note: We are attempting to get Jesse’s lovely, fanciful wife, Rita, to write more whimsical words about Jesse in upcoming Scrolls. What do you think?

Publisher’s note: I am of the opinion that Jesse doesn’t have a wife. Others in the healing community are equally convinced that he does. -Maya

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