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  • By Clare Vettes

Unlocking the Spiritual World of Dreams:  A Free Workshop

Dream travel is your ticket to a world of wonder.

—Harold Klemp,

The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, p. 267

One day the water in my sink started to drain slowly and the garbage disposal stopped working. I don’t use the disposal a lot, so it wasn’t much of a problem. Then the water completely stopped draining. The color of the stagnated water went from grey to black. Now I have a problem! But I procrastinate going to the landlord and dealing with the hassle of lining up a plumber.

When my sister and her daughter let me know they are driving down from Seattle and are arriving tomorrow, I’m immediately motivated to resolve the kitchen sink issues. Sunday, it is the least convenient and most costly day to try to get a plumbing issue resolved. Why had I waited so long? How am I going to resolve this issue before my sister arrives?

That night, before falling asleep, I chanted HU and gently asked, “What am I to do?” I had a vivid, colorful dream that felt joyous and happy. In it I went diving under a pool of clear and luminous water and pulled out a huge scallop shell with five pearls inside. The dream continued with me plunging my arm into a murky, dirty pool of water and pulling out what looked like a quarter. My arm plunged into the water again and pulled out something red.

Waking the next morning, as loath as I was to do it, I put my hand and arm down the drain of the murky sink water. I reached down beneath the garbage disposal blade and dislodged a small, round ¾ inch magnet. I turned on the garbage disposal switch and no go.

The dream had shown me plunging into the murk twice, so I reached down again, rooted around with fingertips and pulled out a red pushpin tack. When I flipped the switch, the garbage disposal whirred into action. I cleaned out the sink and found that what I had been avoiding and stressing about was fixed in minutes.

I was elated to get a clear solution from spirit to an everyday problem. DIY with no cost expenditure. Without the dream guidance, I would never have pushed my hand down the sink to feel about for weird lost objects.

* * *

Exploring my experiences in the dream worlds is a fascinating journey of self-revelation which I look forward to each night as well as waking dream experiences during the day. The Spiritual Exercise of singing or chanting HU (pronounced hyoo) every night helps me explore the great adventures of spiritual worlds in my dreams.

Would you like to discover how dreams:

Hold keys to understanding your life?

Can offer insights on health, career, and relationships?

Help you explore worlds of higher consciousness?

You are warmly invited to attend a free Workshop on Unlocking the Spiritual World of Dreams. Experience spiritual tools and dynamic techniques such as singing or chanting HU that can transform your life!

A free book called Spiritual Experiences Guidebook will be given to each attendee. Share your spiritual experiences, or just listen as others share. Snacks served.

A Child and Youth Creativity Table will be available with dream activities.

On Saturday, October 14, 2017

2:00 to 3:30 PM

Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

24 Fellowship Way in Bayside, CA 95524

For more information visit or call (877) 504-6364

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