Looking Back at earth from space
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Floating Above the Fog
College Cove Sunset
Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center
Arcata Marsh At Sunset
Redwood Park
Old Growth Redwoods
Clouds and Blue Skies
Together we heal


Holistic medicine is the understanding that health is not just the absence of disease, but a dynamic state of balance. At Wholistic Heartbeat you will find healing practitioners, events, information, and opportunities to inspire and support a positive state of being.

"Isis Center is a living entity, a source and resource, giving and receiving in a continuous movement within the body of community. It is a mandala in service to the community; a circle of healers and those wanting healing; has gateways to understanding, questioning and change, teachings and explorations; is centered in the heart of all things, the love of beauty and the earth. More simply, it is a place in the community for the soul to find friendship."


"The Isis and Osiris Healing Temple in Sunnybrae is a very special part of the community. It has for years, been at the epicenter of healing opportunities and innovations. It feels like a safe space to express, discover, and share the many ideas and modalities that not only flourish in this area, but are moving through so often. I am so grateful for Maya Cooper and Isis for consistently providing this fertile space for the healing community and those that appreciate it to commune!" 


“By empowering others to heal and be healed into our big, bright selves, Isis has been an evolutionary influence in our community. Even the way the business has been run, supporting the growth and success of the whole community of healers and spiritual teachers, rather than the old model of competition for a few coveted spots at the top, has demonstrated a new, more divinely feminine business model. It's been beautiful to witness the quantum growth and success that happens when room is made for all of us to succeed together. ”