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A Non-Profit Dreammaker Project of The Ink People

 A Heart Centered Community


Humboldt Healing Path is committed to integrating a wholistic model of care into the everyday fabric of our community.


We seek to bring skilled holistic healing arts practitioners together in a cooperative way and to create opportunities to help foster a spirit of collaboration and a network of support, referrals, inspiration, and guidance. 


We intend to create holistic affordable drop-in wellness clinics throughout the Humboldt area. 

We envision a program where no one is turned away for lack of funds and where the participating practitioners are paid for their services.

Wholistic Healing 

Heart Centered and Unifying

A Wholistic Perspective

  • The recognition that wholeness is the dynamic state of balance of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

  • This balance is inextricably connected to the wellbeing of each other and all living beings who call this Earth home


Everyone of us has an inner healer, it is

  • The part of us that understands and honors with our intentions and actions, our deep connections to the web of life

  • The part that knows that everything we do influences the balance of our own inner eco-system and the greater whole

  • It is a heart centered way of being

  • It is a unifying perspective through which we view the world around us.

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