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Wholistic Heartbeat is a FREE bi-monthly publication. Dedicated to holistic healing arts, our intention is to offer a variety of quality information that will support all of us on our healing paths by providing tools and resources for personal growth, awareness, and self-empowerment. Sharing our stories, wisdom, gifts and skills strengthens the overall health of our community. 



The Wholistic Heartbeat Magazine and the Annual Healing Arts Guide are on hold until further notice. You can find both the March/April issue and the Guide out and about in the neighborhood in the markets and places that are currently open for business.


Wholistic Heartbeat Bi-Monthly Submission Deadlines

We accept submissions of articles, stories, poems and artwork all year long. Submission is no guarantee of print, but we do our best to include everything we can. We often get more content than we can fit into an issue. We will hold over submissions until they fit nicely into the evolving project that the Wholisitic Heartbeat, formerly Isis Scrolls is. We edit everything we receive, and if there are major editing questions or suggestions we will run those by you before finalizing. 


Suggested maximum word count for articles is approximately 1,300. Less is fine but check in with us if you are going much beyond.


About those submissions ... 

Here are a few suggestions from one of our editors.


In writing of all kinds, it often happens that since the writers know what they mean, they assume the reader will too. It doesn't always work that way! Here are three tips.


1) Please carefully proofread your article. Approach it with fresh eyes, as if you've never read it before.


2) Please read your article out loud to catch any mistakes or confusion your eyes may not have caught. 


3) If you're including a quote, make sure you write the full name of the writer and the book/journal/CD/website you found the quote in.


We are currently focusing on expanding our WH readership. This means reaching out to people who may know little or nothing about who we are, or even about holistic healing. Please keep these new readers in mind as you write.

Please submit by email at Word document is the best format. For artwork, jpeg or PDF is preferred. We can resize, crop anything or scan in hard copies. 

January/February Issue
December 10th for articles

December 20th for advertising

March/April Issue
February 10th for articles

February 20th for advertising

May/June Issue
April 10th for articles

April 20th for advertising

July/August Issue
June 10th for articles

June 20th for advertising

September/October Issue
August 10th for articles

August 20th for advertising

November/December Issue
October 10th for articles

October 20th for advertising


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