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  • By Maya Cooper

A love Story

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

What delights me these days is the

wild tantric dancing love affair

of Spirit and Soul

My body

A living, breathing,

conscious piece of the Earth’s ecosystem

A wondrous gift from Gaia herself

Little bits of earth, air, fire and water

magically shaped and formed

into a friendly patch of land

to call my own

My body contains a soul

a spark, a frequency, a vibration all its own

my ensouled Body

this glorious form,

is alive with its own personality

and intelligence

Body and Soul

Uniquely individual and yet simultaneously

connected to and a part of


This planet,

Gaia Herself

I am one with all living things

I cannot be separated from life itself

Body and Soul

My home sweet home

Earth’s heartbeat courses though me

Guiding and informing

Filling me with unlimited safety,

balance and beauty

I come alive where the ancestors and the breath intersect

My sweetly Souled Body

the piece of earth that I am entrusted with

caring for


falling in love with

and embodying

has its own way of perceiving

everything I encounter

It has its own voice and expression

it sometimes lends running commentary

of emotional conversation

to all of my experiences.

It sometimes observes, quietly,

taking in the sounds

spoken and unspoken of the people,

places and things I discover

it is always present and attentive and curious

It searches for what is known and familiar

and delights in similarities

It is in awe of what is different,

unknown and yet to be discovered

Ahhhhh, I love my body and soul

… and yet, unbelievably there is more!

My Spirit

vibrant and mysterious,

emerging from Oneness

on a journey of self discovery

leaps into the unknown

seeking to discover all the ways

in which my particular spectrum

of cosmic knowledge

can express itself

this expansive flame of my spirit is





unbelievably excited by this opportunity

deeply compassionate

ready for any adventure

driven to seed goodness

and love everywhere

I am alive and free

Uniquely individual and yet

simultaneously connected to everything

the cosmic heartbeat animates my Spirit

I am one with all life

I cannot be separated from anything … ever

I live where light, sound and

consciousness intersect

The miracle of it all is

that my spirit could not come to know itself

without the precious gift of the soul

and the experiences it is able to provide

my body

completely and beautifully

houses my spirit

each little nook and cranny

every organ and gland

every glistening drop of liquid

every meridian and nerve pathway

every muscle and bone

every living part of my body,

my ecosystem,

is the perfect habitat

for a portion of my spirit to call home

Spirit and Soul

A long monogamously committed love affair

spanning many many lifetimes

the sensual tantric dance of embodiment continues

until every shimmering, beautiful,

light-drenched part of my spirit

has come home to occupy every part of my glorious body

spirit and soul

lifetime after lifetime

experiment with falling deeper in love

charting previously uncharted territories deep within




influencing each other

in a stunning magnitude of ways

bringing forth the unique gifts that each possesses

marrying nature and cosmos

The Spirit and the Soul

they come together for a little while

and then they move apart

and then they come back together

and then they move apart





the cosmos and nature face to face

kissing and breathing





sometimes being alive looks like a

spirit occupying a body

sometimes it looks like a

breeze dancing through the trees

sometimes it looks like

moonlight shimmering on water

sometimes it looks like sunlight coaxing a sprouting seedling

up and out of the fertile soil

Our bodies are Nature

they can appear in the form of a body

or they can change forms

and become part of the vast and wild landscape

Nature changes form




Spirit and Soul

Our consciousness matures with experiences

so much is learned when we are embodied

so much is learned when we are not

but make no mistake

sprit and soul

are still in relationship

even when it appears they have separated …

The form changes

but the relationship is alive and well

the spirit may fly back to

the cosmic heartbeat for a time

the soul may dissipate into

the earth’s heartbeat for a time

but the unique pattern of their consciousness

remains intact, alive and continuously

contributing to the whole

carrying forward the potency

of having been tempered by life

and witnessed by love

their communion is ongoing





Incarnation is a long, long process

which takes place over a huge span of lifetimes

So, at some point

spirit and soul,

the soul mates that they are,

will seek counsel together again

and devise a plan

to come back

into a form

that will serve

their ongoing personal experiences

and that of the collective

Out of the earth’s heartbeat once again

will arise

in the perfect form

in the perfect situation

in the perfect location on the planet

the unique blueprint of our indestructible soul

and it will




and receive home the Spirit

for the next round

of love, life and wisdom

it’s not a different body that we take

when the urge to reincarnate

is upon us

Our spirit migrates back

to the same land it loves and calls home

time after time

the same soul and the same spirit

change and evolve and dance together

and apart

and together again

time after time after time

changing forms to suit their needs, desires and curiosities

reuse, renew, recycle

nothing is ever lost or wasted

the love affair of soul mates is much too grand

to try to contain within one short little life

we get confused

we think it is another who is the love of our soul

and holds the key to our happiness

but it isn’t

the truth is

that it is our Spirit

first and foremost

that makes the Soul’s heart sing

Spirit and Soul

it takes lifetimes to learn how to



uncover our gifts

Know ourself


and then contribute

the magic

the miracle

the beauty

of our complete wholeness to the world

We each contain within us,

the power to create heaven on earth

by just being embodied

it’s happening all around us

everywhere we look

spirits and souls

strolling arm and arm

looking lovingly into each other’s eyes

incarnating more deeply

every minute of every day …

What delights me these days is the

wild, tantric, dancing love affair

of Spirit and Soul

maya can be reached at 707-834-6831

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